Filtering matchmaking

I am finding that the matchmaking is unbalanced with team level average
I am a level 20 and I’m consistently teamed up with 1-8 lvls while my opponents are usually in the 50s and 40’s. does anyone else have this issue?

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I think they’re looking into ways to split the player base by ability, but I know they’re cautious about it because they don’t want to split the player base so much that queue times become unbearable. They will most likely try out something at or after launch though and just revert to the old way if it increases queue times too much.

For the beta though…treat those games as opportunities to experiment with tactics.

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That sounds really useful. I’m also wondering about a penalty to players disconnecting

They said there will be a skill based match making for the full release and as for players that leave during a match they can’t join another game until the one they left is over so they would have to join back and finish playing or wait till it’s over

The matchmaking is reeeaaaally unballenced. In 20 Matches 12 are really unfair.
I dont know why i am always in the Bad Team.
I asked myself several times.
In the technisch test is was the Same Problem.
It put the fun of the game away…