Final Battleborn Forum Post

Well my friends and fellow Battleborn, it’s that time. Effectively today I will be retiring from Battleborn, selling all the gear I own and uninstalling the game from my PS4, it has been, all and all and despite my bagging on the game through the forums (you critique what you love because you love it, you want it to be better because you know it can be), it has been a fun ride.

This Rocket Hawk is coming to rest and as many of you on PS4 know, I am a heavily dedicated Benedict Main. There shall be no more from your boy Garrus here. You will not see me on PS4 anymore, you will see one last post after this.

Firstly, I want to toss out some stats, the left side will be my Benedict stats compared to my overall stats for the game in total!

Time played

Player Kills (as many of you know I was aiming to reach a milestone of 10k kills with the Bird and the rockets before this retirement)


Double Kills

Triple Kills

Quad Kills

Penta Kills

Largest Killing Spree: 35-0

Accolades: Triple Kill acquired using liftoff near double thralls on Overgrowth, threw three players off the side of the cliff at the same time, both penta kills, the divebomb meta, never once voting for a surrender (regardless of the outcome of the game).

I do have a special thank you to my brothers of Target Banned. @vagrantsun first of all, I truly would never be the Benedict I was today without playing against and with you, my game improved to a whole new level not long after that and it was fun to always assemble and ruin peoples day. @blainebrossart1 for being a fantastic teammate with great knowledge of the game, helping me through all the gear struggles and the fun times with me. And @Nemosis327 the combos will be missed you Canadian scrub wrecker you. It was a delight to play with you all one last time this past Sunday, even if it resulted in Battleborn mildly imploding.

Thanks to Ziemia, @RAMBO-MED , my OG group for when I started playing, Lemonadecrysta, Darth huggles.

“Admit it ya’ll gonna miss this launcher!”



Bye, other Benny… :cry:

whispers at rest of target banned

Guys its finally safe to take backwards liftoff again!

you not playing anything else?

Either way i hope you find whatever the hell it is that you are looking for in life. Lord knows i wont be around to show you how ■■■■ gets done anymore :wink: . I still remember the grand times we had together, which i could go into but there are just too damn many. I tell you what though, i’ll dig up our 1v1 clips i have saved. there’s no audio, but that was pretty much how we met. I still remember travis placing his bets in the background :laughing: . Good times my dude. I’ll post them here but no one, and I mean ■■■■■■■ NO ONE may laugh at how i chose ground zero, or at my loadout, or just at how bad i was in general.

anywho, take care my dude


I will be playing other games, just not battleborn. It has been deleted and I will be taking it to game stop to get my two bucks for it


It’s been a pleasure, Garrus.


Two bucks? Feeling ambitious are we?

Take care Garrus. It’s been a pleasure and I’m glad we got one last night of Target Banned together before you uninstalled. It’s been fun.


Cya. Too bad I never got a chance to play with you; you never excepted my friend request.

Best of luck in your future endeavors. Hope to see ya in BB2.


Edit: I am also not too far behind. 35 more games or 2500 kills, whichever comes first

A man can dream!

nice playing with you Za, good luck on your milestones as well

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1.50 actually, I got close


Just get 72 kills a game and you’ll hit both of those

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Fun fact
I don’t think the game could be better, I uninstalled this one many times already, and I don’t bag on this game through forums (too much)
…and I’m not the one leaving :wink:

Also: I main Benedict and never once voted for surrender.

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I haven’t been very active lately. But I think the end is coming soon. We were 4 in our team, and now we are 2, trying to get the complete the last lores. (I got 2 left, he has 3). Our hearts are not into it anymore (the lores I mean, not the game). The game is super fun and we still have so much skins to unlock and diamond ratings to achieve. But, we will soon head over Borderlands Pre-Sequel. None of my teammates have played it and they are eager to.

It was the first time I had to see a game evolve, and participate actively on a forum, speak with the devs, shared lots of news and discussions, played a CTT. It’s a special game.

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I don’t recommend the Pre-Sequel, though maybe it will be fun with your friends…It’s a hollow shell of a game compared to BL2…If you or your friends haven’t played much BL2, then I could see it being interesting, however. At least the PvE combat will be much more interesting in BLTPS versus the slow monotony of Battleborn PvE. You’ll feel broken free from the chains of slowness that drag down Battleborn PvE… If you’ve played and love BL TPS, ignore everything I just said :sunglasses:

Hey… Battleborn PvE is awesome.

Presequel was entertaining. The main quest at least. I didn’t enjoy the pacing of the sidequests.

And yeah, they all played Borderlands 1 and 2, but not TPS.


Entertaining, yeah it can be. But there are way too many flaws for it to be awesome.


Okay fam.

I give you a warning in advance, the nemo you are about to witness in this video is very different from the one you may know today. this video is over a year old and it’s a remarkable window into the past, one that still gives me the feels even though i was so damn bad back then. Anyway, enjoy, and i’ll try and find the second part.


I remember that. Wasn’t there a second one? Also Nemo, past you was using…ground zero.

Could it be you started the cancer of ground zero? Patient zero!?


My God…! This changes everything! I think we need to investigate the DHC!

Also, @Garrus_Sniper, gimme one last response as Benny before you go…?