Final boss concept art borderlands 3 The Archon

(Kryptik_menace) #1

This is the keeper of the eridian after life they are god like deities that created the iridians and also the planets that they use to thrive on The Archon created the guardians of the vaults holy tombs that once where a place of worship where the eridians would offer things that had value so that they would be able to leave there die in world and to meet there creator. Borderlands 3 we have to pass through the arch a gateway that is found in the vaults to destroy this angelic being before they come back to reclaim there home

(Kryptik_menace) #2

All rights go to gearbox to use this idea

(Retarded scavenger) #3

Interesting. And another thing that interests me is what would lead the protagonists to confrontation with him (her? it?).

(Kryptik_menace) #4

The Archon has been dormant in his realm for eons but now he awakes and notices what has become of his creations he is not pleased with what he sees all eridians have been waiting for him to awaken so that they may return from there afterlife and start again all Arch’s are open causing the realms to bleed together it’s the job of the vault hunter from letting this happen but they can’t traverse to the other realm they need to become worthy and the only way for them to pass through to stop the Archon would be to destroy the ascendant a being that is able to go back and forth through the gateway that connects the realms after killing it only a siren can harness the energy to use as a key to go beyond pandora and face what ever is on the other side and it won’t be pretty oh and Archon can talk he won’t be saying nice things when you meet him

(Perdido) #6

I think the head should be bigger, and look more like a baby, and obviously, he can only be killed when his skull opens to expose his brain, which has to be meleed with a crowbar.

(1ERKL0) #7

The only thing is that it immediately reminds me of gaige’s Robot thingymabob. Other wise love it.