Final boss in Claptastic Voyage is incredibly cheap

Bosses are supposed to be hard, yes i get it, but this is just lazy, lazy game design. If this was Eclipse the Invincible I might understand, but it isn’t even a raid boss. Many, many people are showing their disdain for this boss. He has way too much health and dishes out way too much damage. Gearbox needs to fix this as soon as they can.

Problems with this boss on ALL difficulty settings (maybe not normal, but true and ultimate for sure).

  • Shields are way too resilient. His health seems to be OK, but his shields soak up way too much damage.

  • Damage done by him is off the charts. Pretty much takes your shields and a portion of your health with one rocket. Good luck getting away as there’s even more rockets coming after you.

  • You can’t shoot through the “safe room” barrier, but he sure can. That’s entirely fair.

  • Can’t even safely resupply my ammo because his rockets can come inside the safe room.

Gearbox you need to fix this. Not many people are having a good time and it’s turning people away. Please do something about this. I’m not saying make it easy, but make it fair. Even having the barrier block the rockets would be a huge game changer.


He isn’t that hard at all once you get used to his attacks. Some info in this thread might help you.

also, it gives me bad eye strain from the muted tonal def. and crit spot obscurity. so does holodome (which fights much better now, less reliant on repetitive critical hit repeat). I caught my 10 yr old nephew (the 1 without glasses) with tears rolling down his face like me. Still, it’s much better at lvl 70 and I can tell folk have much more fun w/ it now. End DLC a problem, but may become more graceful w/ familiarity, But 4 now no letting the kids use my profile there.

I guess since I’m a demon/dark souls and bloodborne fan i love a boss that’ll whoop your butt if you aren’t properly prepared. So here’s the breakdown

1st off since you’re playing as Aurelia and her main attributes are sniper /Cryo and Cryo is pretty crappy against shields. It’s gonna take WAY longer than it should

2nd. Go farm the grinder for some dahl Pitchforks… Preferably a Night (120% crit bonus) or Pacifying (damage boost) prefixes… when you aim down sights and let off three rounds and since Eclipse and EOS are such large targets “I never miss” will be boosted pretty quick.

3rd. Get a Naught Shield… It’s a reward for having the tales from the borderlands game. You can also just check the forums for one… It’s an invaluable shield for the simple fact that you can stand in the lava and the shield will constantly keep recharging due to its 0.0 delay

For the resupply part shooting through the safe wall… Yea that’s a bad design flaw.

I’ve soloeed him, cooped him, felt no elation only re-lief when it was over, too repetitive and sloggish (work) for the return, not much 4 for fun. but these things often change with familiarity. Overall it’s a good game w/ a very hard act to follow.

He’s not hard at all. People are just used to having no challenge to kill bosses.

Also you get a free legendary.

The first time I played Aurelia the day she came out, I complained about her lack of survivability. Then I looked at how I was playing her and some gear upgrades made her my favourite character.

With this boos, I learned from my past mistake of saying he was too hard right off the bat. He’s challenging, yes, but I didn’t find him that hard once I got his pattern down. I have beaten him with all the characters and only died 3 or 4 times and I’m certainly not the best player out there. It’s about strategy and dodging attacks.

What I’m saying is; stick in there man! Just try some different things, different gear, different approaches. He’s not THAT hard once you know how to dodge his attacks and what gear to use.

I play as Athena. My friend plays as Aurelia. I was in the vid doing my damnedest to hurt the damn boss lol.

Hi, maybe you wanna take a look at how my claptrap servant and me handle that guy! Hope that helps!

One thing I notice is that you get downed alot and say it’s the rockets. Actually, it’s the swarmers. When they’re at point blank, they’ll do novas that can down you.

Athena just needs a shock glitch practicable thinking and shock smg.

Aurelia just needs a cryo glitch practicable thinking and shock dobby droog.

AND the appropriate builds of course - look on build lists.

Oh and, try to kill Bloodsuckers before they get close to you.

They eat your health and get healed by it.

the video is awesome! so much fun to watch you and your Buddy wreck Eclipse/Eos!! :+1:

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They’re both pretty easy once you get the attack pattern down. You can stay in either side of the berm the entire time. Each side has an ammo station and a bunch of volatile bits–shoot them whenever they turn green. Kill the swarmers at every opportunity.

Ammo is the main concern, so drink an ammo regen Moxxtail before you run through the Subconscious. It regens ammo even for guns you’re not holding, so that way you can cycle through different guns and let other types replenish.

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My brother got too close to the force field/barrier, we decided to turn back to buy ammo before the fight. He started shooting missiles at us. 1 missile hits me, immediate ffyl. -_-

edit: bl2 spoilers beyond this point! ------- I had a bad feeling after I recognized shadow-tp as piston’s voice actor. Op8 badassasaurus rex- worst boss ever (in my book), followed by eclipse/eos/jackenstein. >.>

He even makes references to Piston.

Something like “I am not cheating!”

I’m going to have to agree with the OP.
The final battle is a drag. Too much shield, too much health. Too much damage. EOS was always on top of me. Except when he was refilling his shield.
And I hate the back-to-back boss fights. Eclipse was enough of a chore, no need to have EOS immediately after him.

Thanks, gonna have to do that next time.

I agree that the fight is a little unfair. In my mind, even without the invincible prefix, he is still a raid boss.

Yeah, shooting through the barrier is BS.
Ammo is iffy. It definitely takes way too much to kill him, but on the other hand, you have 4 people to pick up ammo. And if any of them are Claptraps with gun wizard, easy bullets.
I think the damage is only irritating because most of his attacks home in on you. Most of the projectiles can be destroyed though.

Would have been lazy, but they could have done the same with EOS as The Sentinel. First time you fight during the story, it’s easy mode. Next time, it’s raid boss mode where they tack on an extra 0 at the end to his health and shields.

I agree with making him easier,but for the story line ONLY

This boss isn’t much cheaper than some bosses in BL2 (Badass Rex,Handsome Dragon)

To be honest, I hated the Sentinel with Nisha more.

“Oh good, I went down again from getting hit once. No enemies to revive off from? Again? For the 46th time? Awesome.”

Luck cannon.

Not my build, someone gave it to me on this forum.