Final boss in Claptastic Voyage is incredibly cheap

That actually looks pretty similiar to what I was running anyway, minus a skill here or there.

Just don’t know what it ss though. Even with Order coming out of my ass, Nisha seems to get hit more than any other character I play. Doesn’t matter though, I still made it throiugh the whole game with her. Just gotta be a lot more cautious.

I love your posts great job! Is eos suppose to keep recharge full shield and health? My level 52 Aurelia gets him down to to 25 % health. Then bam he dissapears and full health.I’m very frustrated iam using a corrosive anarchist with good luck and glitch shock splitter.Any help would be much appreciated

My biggest gripe is his stingy drop rate, you’d think wading through 2 boss fights back to back with so much health would yield a decent legendary drop rate.

His health shouldn’t come back at any point. He only recharges his shield 3 times. I have no idea what resets his health though, but that’s clearly a bug.

Actually though, you can prevent his disappearance.

If you have some super powerful corrosive gun, just shoot. He disappears at a certain point of HP. If you get his HP to be lower than that, he won’t disappear.

I made him disappear only twice using my Fragtrap this way. (Funzerk + Viral Marketer)

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I was thinking it was a bug as well. Is it worth putting a ticket in, it sure is frustrating. I guess I will try again today and see what happens. thanks

Yeah, I only have a Nisha in UVHM but I honestly didn’t think either form was that hard. I took out Eclipse with a sapping Hail and Hammer Buster + purple Jakob’s revolver. EOS was too far for the Hail so I switched to a shock SMG for his shields, and then the same Jakobs combo. Eclipse dropped me a Luck Cannon in that first fight, so after that they became easy to farm. Luck Cannon + Nisha makes everything Easy Mode.

Other suggestions:

Bomber Oz kit and spam Transfusion grenades throughout.

There’s another Oz kit that boosts damage to airborne targets (Clear Skies?)-- that’s nice for the EOS fight.

Keep shooting those volatile bits, especially in FFYL. Zarpedon’s Cyber Eagle is excellent for this because it has perfect accuracy and super fast accuracy regain.

This fight is actually easy because the Swarmers are spawning constantly and usually very close. That means easy kill skill activation and Second Winds.

Of course it is. How about a petition to buff his health and damage? Maybe give them damage reduction too? You know, just so he’s not a complete joke of a fight.

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What I mean by easy is that Eclipse’s and Eos’s attacks are all easy to hide from. There’s no one-shot nova that you can’t avoid or anything like that. Just stay on either side of the berm and all you have worry about are the swarmers. Even when Eos’s shields are recharging, you don’t even have to kill the viruses-- you can run/jump in circles around the arena and they’ll disappear once Eos comes back.

My Nisha is running almost no defensive skills-- all offense oriented (one point Order, one point Wanted)-- and she has no problem beating both forms. Offensive power is the issue, but in terms of skill I think these two are easy. (I think the digital terramorphous is way harder because that requires constant movement and it’s way more difficult to get Second Winds.)

Denial Subroutine gave me bad memories of Terramorphous.


Gets pushed off the cliff


He doesn’t push you in NVHM/TVHM though, unlike Terry.

Whether you play online or offline, Eclipse is always kinda different. As Athena, equiped with a Hyperion Development and a Maliwan shock Blaster, he is no big deal. I can only judge about that, because I play Athena most of the time and I haven’t tried Eclipse/EOS as Claptrap yet.

If I solo him, everything works perfectly and it takes me less than 5 minutes and he is history. Nevertheless, playing coop with two of my friends, things are different. Solo him and most of the time, he uses his front rockets, but if I play coop, he suddenly uses his back rockets. Sure, you can shoot them down, but pretty often you get hit and you don’t know how or where it came from. Also, sometimes his rockets, energy balls and beams penetrate my Aspis shield and that really sucks.

Anyway, I’m gonna pay him a visit soon and then I’m gonna try to kill him without using my Aspis shield and see how it goes. But even then, it’s not the same thing like playing online or with friends. Plus stupid lag can be a big pain in the ass!

He easily dies once your level is high enough. Takes less then 10 minutes on UVHM both Solo and Coop with Wilhelm, Nisha & Aurelia (I don’t play other classes that much). And once you learned how to hide behind cover effectively he is also easy on lower level with less than optimal equip though he takes waay longer. (Defeated him with Aurelia on Solo normal mode & TVHM without ever going into FFYL but it took around an hour). So yeah the Boss is all about optimizing your playstyle which most people would view as tedious but not so much difficult

I definitely struggled with EOS at first and got very frustrated (playing with Nisha). However, I got some great tips from the Nisha section and finally took him down. Then I moonshot-farmed the hell out of him and picked up a ton of great gear, including the Luck Cannon, which is practically all you need to allow Nisha to take him down again and again. I reset the game and was able to take him down several more times, including at level 72 (he was at level 72, I was at 70) using mostly a level 66 Luck Cannon and a level 69 Adaptive Shield.

Claptrap - a couple of Pandemics to Eclipse to stack maniacal laughter, then stand under him and flakker him to death. Easiest kill of Eclipse I have had.

EOS takes a bit longer but still not hard - I don’t use the action skill btw - didn’t use it in whole playthrough :open_mouth:

After finishing DLC I did go back to Eclipse/EOS to test Action Skill - faced Eclipse and hit action skill - rolled Meat Unicycle - wtf - bad programming there :wink: - I’m afraid I’m better without it.

'just used to having no challenge to kill bosses"


Funzerk is handy during that fight. And at least you didn’t get clap in the box action package.

As eclipse was the only enemy around, meat unicycle was about as useful as clap in the box :wink:

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