Final Boss In DLC4 Takes Too Long in M10

I’m using Bloodletter Red/Blue tree and it roughly takes me like 35 minutes to defeat the last boss. Is there a better way to put the boss down faster? I also using Level 65 but it mostly tickles the health bar. My IB somewhat does good chip damage than my weapons I carrying on his first form

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My Amara has shred most every boss she comes across. She kills The Ruiner in less than 2 minutes on M10.
I ran out of ammo before this guy lost half his health. Someone said that is seemed they mistakenly added an extra 0 at the end of his health bar…seems an accurate statement.

I got a level 60 fire flipper with consecutive hits, this consecutive hits relic and mind sweeper com with splash anoint. Can beat him in about one min or so.

I kill him in 1-2 minutes with fl4k on M10 using Hellshock with 200% dmg anoint and st4ckbot mod.
First time i used a lv 60 Monarch/Sandhawk though, that took forever. However yes, his HP is insane.

I can kill him in 2-3 minutes with an IB build with the fire railguns. I have a lot of good supporting gear though and a good class mod

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A minute with that build? It feels like a huge gap but I admit I don’t have near god build with my weapon and artifact/CM passive rolls.

I may need to farm a fire Flipper with under 50% Rad anointed

killed him on M10 in around 5 mins with a meme build and a level 60 pistol doing most of the work (yes level 60! - turns out the DLC before Kriegs had some absurdly op shiet) and a level 64 hellwalker when the pistol ran out of ammo until the riders / crates dropped some more.

Was mostly disappointed that hes not actually a challenge at any point in time.
Lifestealed through the hillarious 1 shot aura that youre supposed to hide from everytime.

The problem with lifesteal and inflated damage numbers is that one shot heals you and you don’t need any other source of passive healing or even damage reduction. Health gate and life steal alone can make you nigh indestructable.

It’s tough to make content capable of downing characters with lifesteal while not obliterating every FL4K out there instantly. Yet another game mechanic they’ve shot themselves in the foot with

Yea they should have learned from BL2 here. Lifesteal was obviously broken there because of healthgating + damage dealt and its the same here again.

Anyway i really enjoyed the game and 3/4DLC which is a decent enough quota in my book :wink:
Was definitely worth the 100 bucks - good times :slight_smile:

One or maybe max two minutes. On my com I have splash dmg, action skill dmg and Sniper Damage so only splash damage helps me. On my pearl of knowledge I have fire rste and reload speed. So nothing special here too.

Huh? I didn’t have any problem with him at all. Just took a couple of minutes with my Phaseslam Amara still using her lv.60 gear. I mean, it is a final boss on M10 - you should bring your best build. I haven’t died once on that guy, certainly wouldn’t want it to be any easier.

Are we thinking of the same guy? Locomobius took me longer than Psychoreaver.

With my Moze flipper splash damage build he’s down in a few minutes still need a better flipper tho as my anoint is currently worthless. Tho I only did fight him 3 times for his drop, wish evil L was as kind with her drop rate

I kinda have lesser time to take out that mobile boss although it moves around a lot and used the same Level 65 Flipper. Took me a lesser time than the boss (I even can see it health drill down slowly when it stops being mobile on tracks which is a sign of relief).

Yeah that same final boss just walks around and hops when he can on first form. Suppose to be easy to drill his health up but it tickles him. My Iron Bear can do bit more damage with the Blue tree Augments than my Flipper. Second/Last form takes bit longer as I have nothing, not even IB to take a bite off the health (That lock-on Augment don’t work due to he too far away which did some damage in first form)

I don’t want to move to a simple Meta build and sticking with Red/Blue tree, Bloodletter, Splash Damage, 150% Rad under 50% health build. I have a 150% Rad, Acid Gargoyle, Level 60? Lob, and Minor Kong which seems to do jack and wished I kept my low level Yellowcake

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I use a rocketeer sometimes instead of the mind sweeper com. All my guns and the knowledge relic stays than the same. Flipper + knowledge seems to make enough damage to do the most enemies. On bosses I switch to minds sweeper again.
Also for mobbing I use plaguebeargers with 300^90.

You may just need a moddening tracker which I use to give me life sometimes. Dont have a damage annointment on it so it only helps me with surviving though.

Are you on the ps4?

I’m on PS4. Yes

What’s your psn? I can add you later and share a few things with you if you want.


I think I might be sleeping on that relic

The bosses in DLC 4 are tanky, but the last boss itself isn’t too bad. Just hit the head to crit and use something like a Hellshock, Hellwalker, Flipper, Krakatoa, Monarch etc. You will want good anointments though, it really makes a huge difference.

Depending on your damage output you might need to kill a few mobs, but if you’re accurate enough it should be alright. My Guerillas-Fl4k gets through the healthbar in around 2-3 minutes, including phases.