Final Dlc idea/concept

So considering the final Dlc for the game is most likely going to be about, or inside the mind of, everyone’s favourite train conductor, what if we ran around changed versions of the BL2 maps and areas

Maybe a bit like what they did in the pre sequel with overlook and the highlands, as a memory of Kreig’s or something

Would love to see the up to date graphics with them aswell, imagine how cool it’d be to see the og sanctuary again or eridium blight with these kinds of amazing graphics while a remixed version of the BL2 soundtrack plays in the background

Yeah it’d kind of be pandering to nostalgia, but when isn’t nostalgia a good thing

Source? Afaik it’s the “final DLC” of the season pass and not the game as a whole.

It’s the final DLC of the season pass, however we have so far not had any other Borderlands game with more than 4 Story DLCs which is pretty much one season. What we have had were expansions like Digi-peak and Head Hunter packs but Borderlands 3 would be the first one to have more than one season worth of fully-blown DLC campaigns if they do in fact end up making a 2nd season.

big presumption that it is for the foreseeable future considering there is no talk of a 5th on the roadmap or mentioned in anything gearbox has said

That’s besides the point of the post anyway, it was about a nostalgia idea rather than WhErE IS YouR SoUrCe FoR IT bEinG tHe FinAL thInG DuRrR

Again same goes to you, that’s not what the post is about.

I’d rather you read the FORUM RULES than get into squabbling here. Ta.

Let me know with a pm when you’ve done that, and I’ll consider reopening the thread.

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Right, carry on folks, thank you.