Final Fantasy VII (7) now on iOS

In response to the article and some of the comments there, I’d just like to say, it’s about damn time. The only problem is it feels a little bit late to me. 3 years ago I would have bought it day 1 for iOS. But since then I’ve sampled some of the other remakes and started to realize that I don’t care as much for the FF battle system now that I’m older. Seems too easy to just heal between every battle and therefore win every battle. But healing like that can be a little tedious. And the battles are usually easily won without tactical/strategical choices to be concerned with. Or very little tactical decisions.

If a modern day Final Fantasy game was released and it zoomed into the battle to show me fighting via a battle system like SolForge or Heartstone I’d probably really like it.

As for the cheating options present in the iOS port, it’s probably a good idea. Imagine if you’re just trying to get to the save point because you have to turn off your phone soon. Assuming saving is of some concern. That I’m not clear about yet. And the other cheat option to max stats, might help me decide to just buy and play it for the story (also turning off random encounters), which I do like.

My concerns about the port are, how often can I save, how well does it handle being closed/being in the background and then resuming, and if the controls will get in my way or not. And I really hope the mini-games aren’t a pain to go through to continue the story. I don’t remember liking the mini-games very much anyhow.

It’s definitely going on my appShopper list to buy later at $20. Or to wait for a possible sale. And I’m happy it’s finally available. But I can’t just jump on it and buy. The other FFs have been half price at various points. Also, maybe I should invest in a MFI controller. I heard it might support that.

I was hoping to hear that A) they really optimized it for controlling via touch. and B) that you could still go back and control the game old school if you liked, via options.

It looks like they did B but not A. If they had really optimized for touch, you’d be able to tap to go to that place on screen, for example. Go try Midnight Star as an example of a FPS style game that REALLY thought about touch screen controls. It’s one of my favorite FPS games on iOS if not my favorite.


Gives us IX for Android and I’ll be happy.

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Or is the fighting system in 7 more tactical/strategic than I can remember?

8 and 9 remastered would be pretty awesome. Is it remastered or same as Steam/psone?

Oh man. I can’t stand #8. That one killed the series for me for a while.