Final Fantasy XV

Who else is hyped for this game that has been in the making for 10 years! Multiplayer on the last dlc too! I’m thinking it might be something like gta5 online play. I already preordered the premium edition.

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It’s pre ordered from Amazon and it will be on my steps the 29th. Life is good. :acmsmile:


I’m getting it tomorrow night. Been one of those people waiting for ten years.


I´m biased towards FF since FF-XIII-2…Alot…So I´ll wait on intel from RL- and internet friends.
If @daerksiea & @AMG_75 can confirm its good after its Iaunched I might give it a chance.


I felt the same way too until I watched the 5 episode anime , the movie and a 45 mins gameplay video associated to this game. One more day to go!


I may try it, honestly I never saw anything amazing about final fantasy, what’s so great about it

There is so much to love about the FF franchise in general but with this specific game I can list a few of those.

1 - The actual developers for this game have a good reputation for successful games and actually listen to the community when they implement new features

2 - if you are into open world RPG type of games then FFXV is exactly that.

3 - The combat system feels similar to kingdom heart

4 - It’s a brand new story. Many people that have never played any Final fantasy game can pick up this game and start fresh. My love for this franchise started after watching this cutscenes from one of its very old game

5 - It’s the first FF single player game that will actually have multiplayer feature implemented

6 - The world map is huge. It makes gta5 map very small in comparison. With that, it comes a lot of areas to explore, bunch of quests and ultimately hundreends of hours of gameplay.

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That point is great about the FF-series in general. Except FF-X2 and FFXIII-spin-offs every FF-game starts in a new world/universe with an own plot, history, races, continents, ect. making it rather easy to just jump in.

I may try it then actually (regardless of brothers making fun of me) thanks for explaining

Won’t let you down, Ganja!

And continuing Ganja’s point, you can jump in on any Final Fantasy (exception for the -2 and Lightning Returns.) and be brought to a fresh story with new characters. FFVI - IX which is widely considered, by many the golden era of Final Fantasy, all had different characters, they had similarities like having a Cid and the same types of summons, Shiva and Ifrit just to name a few but they were all different. If you play VII and go to VIII, you go not only from new characters, a new world, but new mechanics too.

FFX had one system, the Sphere System, FFXII had the Job System and FFXIII had the Crystarium (right? It’s been ages.) That’s one of the aspects that I love about the series. Nothing is the same yet everything is familiar.

And considering, the first half of FFXIII was mostly linear, move from point A to point B via flags, I welcome an open world Final Fantasy and I find the combat system somewhat refreshing. It’s like Kingdom Hearts, yes but it’s not at the same time. One thing I hated about FFXIII was the combat system, the ■■■■■■■ loop you had to be on. I hated paradigm shifting as well.



I did too. Pretty much every boss fight felt the same to me. Attack and heal until the boss did it’s big attack, then heal everyone, repeat. Many normal fights dragged on far too long as well.

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It started!

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PS4 download speeds are trash. 5 hours to download the patch zzzz
Now 15 minutes to install the disc which I swear it did before :’^(

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How big is the patch?

Around 9gb

Pretty sure Prompto is top 5 FF characters ever.

So far it’s pretty lame. Plus my PS4 overheats like real hard. I don’t know, I’m kind of disappointed in it so far.

Meh, Prompto is subpar. Gladiolus is ■■■■■■■ hot.

These are interesting points, and made me sit p a bit to be honest.

I had just written this oof as another game I wont buy, will have to tale a little look I think

Is your PS4 a Pro too?
Cos mine gets so fkn hot when it’s doing nothing then revs up like a jet engine when playing a game.
Mine is a fkn garbage console.

Gladiolus doesn’t take pictures of me looking cool. He’s lame L A M E

Nah, I didn’t buy a Pro. Mine is a regular one and same actually. It hasn’t done that unless I’ve played the Witcher for like 9+ hours. This time it starts up right away with the roaring. Too much processing.

The only thing I’ve really liked so far is all the soundtracks from past Final Fantasies in the car. It’s a ■■■■■■■ driving simulator with four whiney dudes. “I’m hungry.” “Let’s eat.” “Let’s get a bite.” “I’M STARVING.” “I’M TIRED.” There is a lot of dialogue garbage that just needs to die.

Most of the time you are going to be walking or taking a ■■■■■■■ bath with Prompto.