Final level cap

bl3 is my first borderlands game…

I enjoy the extra couple levels with each dlc,
Farming all my stuff up 3 levels keeps it fresh…

With the other games what was the final level cap 100? Whats the story ?


Around 70. It fluctuates a bit between games as they redesign skills trees to need less skill points to completely fill out.

Normally by the final level cap you can get all 3 capstone skills (except bl2).


I believe that was only true for the Pre-Sequel. In BL2 you could get two capstones at Level 72.

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Borderlands 2 went up to level 80 with the final DLC, so you can get all 3 there as well.

I just dusted off the old skill calculator and it looks like even Level 80 isn’t enough for all three capstones.

Yes, a few points short. My mistake.


if we get a 4th skilltree, i expect a few more points

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Really hope it’s 60

Any more seems like over kill. I can fully spec into 2 trees already


The story is you really missed out on bl1 and bl2. My favorite is bl2 by far. bl3 can be very annoying when the Calypso Twins and Ava start yapping.


Bl2 was 72 with 8 overpower levels or with the final dlc it was 80 with 10 overpower (90). Pre sequel was 70.

It ain’t overkill til it’s more than enough skillpoints to max out every skill.


these level cap raises get less and less exciting for me. I’ve got just about all the skills I want already, and the recent 3 extra points barely made any difference. Of course it doesn’t help that the game is so weighted towards annointments at the moment, making many skills less useful.

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I think we’re in a good place now. The only reason I’d want more skill points would be if we get 4th skill trees and then I’d want them to immediately bump us up to the final cap, be that 65 or 70.

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Hoping it’ll be about 70-75 at the end, at least if they add more skill trees like they said they might, without that a solid 68 would do

Why they don’t increase it further than just 3 each update baffles me

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Currently doing a new Fl4k playthrough with my friend, the Eden 6 bit drags so hard it’s unbelievable, the whole story has a habit of being annoying

Outside of space laser tag that is, Rhys ball will never get old


Kinda hoping there is no cap

Bl1 level cap was 69, however you could earn some extra skill points. Bl2 level cap was 72 for the longest time but got increased to 80 with the last DLC. Pre-Sequel was 70, I think.

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I wish they’d taken certain parts of the story and made them glorified side quests. The Voracious Canopy and Carnivora parts could probably be cut out and work nicely enough still.

For me Eden 6 after meeting Clay is quite dragging, don’t get me wrong Clay is probably one of the best new Characters, but I find his quests so boring.
The best parts for me are Carnivora, Promethea, and kind of Nekrotafeyo

I just hope the final level cap isn’t too high. TPS’s was too high IMO… too many skill points to spend and it made a lot of skill tree builds kinda samey when it was so tempting to grab all three capstones. BL2 got a little too close to that territory when they upped the cap to 80.

Bonus points to GBX if the final cap isn’t some weird-feeling number like 63 heh.