Final mission tactics (NO SPOILERS (hopefully))

I was ready to do the final mission starting Necro-De-Feh-Oh (however it’s spelled) and I started thinking. I made the “command decision” for four characters with the highest level in that character to respec them, and deleted the remaining two.

I had four characters, and they were hopefully able to survive “The Final Confrontation”.

YUP! did it with all four remaining characters. One character ran out of ammunition with my primary weapon, but no worries!

I started on TVHM and started it all again. I will attempt to do all side missions… we’ll see.

Also, I need to grab everything I missed on NVHM (challenges and such).

In addition, I will work each character (of four) for each planet.

That is, I will start on Pandora until I get to Sanctuary 3, then change characters.

Hey! Have a good day/game/whatever!

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i did this in the tps and it was fun switching playstyles often and guns and all. and the guns u find are different on each run so very random.