Final personal wish list

It seems clear we’re entering the final stages of support for Borderlands 3. I’ve been a fan since day 1 and still love it as much as ever (I get people prefer 2. Myself, I just think of them as separate games). As such, I thought it might be fun to make a list of things I’d love to see which could still make it into the game.

  1. Let Earl’s Reroll Machine also work for class mods and artifacts. For stats, it should be possible to pick a specific one to reroll (not all at once) at a lower cost and there should be the chance to reroll skills on class mods.

  2. A Mercenary Day event. The only reason I can think of for not having put this in the game already is not wanting to align with a particular religion/culture. Generally speaking, I think people would just be happy to get this content and the PC side should be less of a concern. If they want to continue with the idea of killing a certain number of enemies to open up a certain area, they could make the occasional enemy turn up as a snowman or with a scarf/hat, etc.

  3. We know two more vault cards are coming. Let each one come with a takedown or raid boss who can drop great gear and potentially class mods (for instance, this one for Amara). We could have the Grandson of Crawmerax or the Son of Terramorphous or something else.

  4. Twister shotgun in one of the vault cards.

  5. Fix Expedite for Amara.

  6. Buff grenades generally in this game. Most of them simply aren’t worth using.

  7. Buff Zane’s green tree and Fl4k’s purple tree. Zane’s green has been one of the weakest from launch and people have paid actual money for Fl4k’s purple tree when the tree simply cannot stand up next to the other ones. I’m not saying I want anything OP, just for them to be worth using. Specifically, Zane could do with cryo efficiency, damage against frozen/slowed targets and increased crit damage. Fl4k’s purple capstone could just give him a flat “bonus damage” increase based on the % of shield he currently has.

  8. Make a pass on all the weaker class mods and give them buffs/tweaks as we did with many of Zane’s late last year. Probably worthwhile touch on 3RROR Cmdl3t, Bear Trooper, Cold Warrior, Dragon, Elementalist, Friend-Bot, Nimbus, Rakk Commander, Roll Reversal, Sapper, Shockerator, Stone, Techspert, Tr4iner. Good class mods can open up brand new playstyles so I think doing this well would have a massive impact on build diversity in the game.

  9. Put in more SDUs, increasing the number of Bank slots to 500.

  10. Increase the chance of dedicated drops as you go up Mayhem levels. As I understand it, most enemies have a certain chance of dropping one dedicated drop. They could increase that to two chances on M6 and then three on M10/11.

  11. Drop sources for all the weapons which can only be taken once per playthrough / character. Bekah, Ember’s Purge, Scoville, Seventh Sense, Cloud Kill, Rico, Adrenaline Iniative, Pearl… Technically, there’s also the Hand of Glory and Amazing Grace, but they’re not so good.

  12. Switch to toggle regular / true trials - so long as they also make it possible for more mobs to spawn and ammo to drop during the raid boss fights. It’s no fun when you can’t kill because you ran out of ammo rather than being bad at the game.

I think that’s all for now. Ultimately, I still love the game - plenty of people do - and I hope GBX aren’t done supporting the game.


I honestly am willing to accept that this void was filled by the Lob & Guardian Angel, moreso the latter.

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Bravo damien! All good points i think. Honestly there should be a converter for money into eridium and vice versa. Sometimes people have too much of either when they dont have what they need. Also i have already stated previously with all the annointments we need to be able to pick to a degree the annointments. Hence picking character specific or universal, which character if specific, and elemental or damage oriented.

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there is issue with that also, most of community at this stage probly use modded items where if they sell said modded item would get max cash and can instantly turn in for lots of eridium with ease so having ability to convert would upset lot of “legit” player fan base also. though say your on amara and you reroll you should only get amara perks i think as at this stage most people have 1 of each vh anyway and can easily swap between the vh also.

One problem with this though is what if i like farming with my iron bear moze or one shot Fl4k build and i want to convert that eridium into amara or zane annoints? Why not make eridium transferable between characters at least. Oh and i just thought of another problem. You are still going to have universal annoints clogging that annoint pool.

you could merge all eridium into one account so have same eridium on all accounts maybe, though anointments at this point you have to put up with

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Making the seasonal events permanent is one of the things from my wish list that I got to check off.

Adding Earl’s ReRoll machine to the game is a second (honestly I never thought they’d do this).

Adding the Pricker to the game is a third (wouldn’t say no to a buff, but this weapon/mechanic is something I had hoped/asked for specifically previously, though I do think it’s a coincidence that it’s actually here).

Some other things on the wish list aren’t deal breakers (a bigger bank and backpack would be nice, proper test dummies, more slots for wall cosmetics, all weapons may come anointed, a slew of bug fixes), but I would love to see them divorce Mayhem Modifiers from Mayhem Levels - I get that we can pick our own modifier set per level, but the Mayhem Levels are the actual difficulty slider in the game, and forcing these modifiers into these levels kind of contaminates an otherwise fantastic difficulty slider. Maybe keep the Mayhem level at which weapons drop tied to that level, but make the loot/Xp/Eridium rate buffs tied to the modifiers so there’s an incentive to use them. You want an MM10 Plaguebearer? Play MM10. Don’t want to spend forever farming for it? Turn on some modifiers. Finally got one with an awful anointment but are out of Eridium and need some fast? Turn on some modifiers. Got one with the anointment you want, and want to sink your teeth into some clean combat with your sick new gear? Turn off those modifiers.


Went and added two more things based on the comments.

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This is a great OP @damien_hine, agree with almost all of what you have said here. It would be cool if only even one or two of these things happened.

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I vote for 1000 space vault. Adding dlc items to the eridium vendor. And anointments on non anointed items. And maybe a way to bank eridium( say your farming with a character and all the eridium you get you keep but the same amount is banked in your vault and you are able to use it with any other character)

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Totally agree for couple things ( reworks useless class mod ( Rakk comander - nobodies gonna make a build with this ) - Buff skill tree ( Green for Zane - Purple for Fl4k ) and i want to add REMOVE Anoints AND fusion some of them like all the Iron Bear Anoints , just make ( All Iron Bear weapons gain 100-150% damage ) in this case we can remove maybe 10 anoints easily same thing with Amara for Fl4k add ( Pet gain 100-150% Fire for Spider - Shock for Ion Loader - Corro for Monkeys - Rad for Skag )

At least remove ( all elemental resistance/Buff Manufactur Damage/Accuracy/ from Class mods and Artefact ) even some Artefact need to be buff/Fix/Remove

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One thing I’d love to see is a fl4k classmod that gives them a bore ability to allow for some fun combo’s, yeah it might overlap with zane and eraser but it’d be really fun to have on fl4k

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I don’t have a specific list, per se. But a set of polls I did last Christmas sort of reflects a general mindset around wish list items. I included the link here for anyone interested.

I think that some of these might have been implemented in some manner by this point. Others, not so much.

Otherwise I am thrilled to hear that they are giving us a new Bunkers & Badasses friggin’ game! I just hope it is more in line with the wonderfully irreverent style they captured with the original TTAODK DLC.

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Also fix Phasegrasp. Right now if you use it and miss it can eat your action skill and you don’t even get anointment bonuses from it. It’s just gone. I heard this happens for Flak’s Fade Away too where he does the hand motion like he is going invis but then never goes invis.

FYI for anyone about to rage about fakegrasp… you were never meant to lose your action skill if you didn’t grasp something. It was bugged when the game came out and the devs fixed exactly this same bug. ALSO the only thing you were never meant to do was proc anointments with fakegrasp. Using it to proc Driver or skills is ABSOLUTELY intended. My build utilizes it and my gear is so synergistic you can’t tell me it wasn’t put there on purpose by a game designer.


Or the love child of Craw and Terramorphus- TerraCraw the Ultra Invincible :laughing:


A terrifying concept :astonished:


…just had a thought about something I’ve been taking for granted: way more contrast between elemental damage colors. I still can barely tell these apart (and while I’m being picky, the way they overlap each other is weird: would love a toggle for these damage numbers in the options menu).

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Added two more.

That’s a good one. I’d like to be able to filter out damage less than a million and/or abbreviate or disable DOT damage. I don’t need to see quadruple digits flooding the screen.

A button on the Lost Loot machine to scrap everything in return for eridium. More eridium in general: just give it out for trials, takedowns and slaughters. Make it worthwhile, no one wants to farm rocks to get it.

As someone currently farming the Guardian Takedown, the loot from Anathema and Scourge is pathetic. Not only their dedicated drops but legendaries in general. It’s a slap in the face for such lengthy fights.

Maybe unpopular but more mayhem levels with more creative modifiers. Modifiers that could be seen as part of your build.

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Fixed it!

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