Final personal wish list

While I LOVE the idea of more bank space (looking at you 8 full mules) I shudder at the thought of 1000 spaces with no management system.

Really need a top down or tabbed management system and it is really basic programming so not sure why it was not included originally.


I’d like action kill meters to remain onscreen during FFYL if the skill is still active. Old-U is good, but the clone can suddenly run out during FFYL without you knowing, unless you’re looking at it.

I’d love to see cheaper re rolls or go through the entire list of anoints before you see a duplicate OR an eridium grenade like the money grenades but drop eridium


I just enjoy the game period, it is what keeps my 83 YO brain active. : )

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I’m really ok with the game content and feature wise. Just fix the bugs.
“clean up work”
It is clear that while they added new feautres, not much testing was done.
The game would benefit greatly from a few patching iterations.

good ideas all around
honestly i add

buff eridium economy by reducing the cost for ll current eridium costs,
rerolls 100 or less ( i burn through THOUSANDS for a single gun, and not willing to farm this much for JUST eridium… eridium farm is boring
raidboss 100-150 max ( its just not worth it…)

make loot enemies drop one bar with 300-500 eridium
make bosses drop 100-400 eridium depending on the boss
so immunity phase bosses AND raidbosses drop 400, tough bosses 300 and the traunts of this world drop 100 bonus eridium per run

piles drop always 3 times the amount as they do now

with more things to spend eiridum on, you spend more eridium
you ppl think i overdo it

i dont

you ever heared of these pennie shops? they work cuz ppl spend a shitload of cash on ALOT of small stuff

ppl will honestly just have more reason to play the game

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On my wish list i would like to see at least 1 of my weapon ideas make it into the game, reduce DEATH’s health by 15-20% & add in some community made mayhem modifier’s like my master craftsmen mayhem modifier

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Have you been suggesting your weapon ideas in the Post your own Gear Ideas thread? A lot of ideas from there end up in the game. Looking back, I suggested ideas similar to the Anarchy, Robin’s Call, MultiTap, Fish Slap and Muse before they were put in the game. Possibly a few others, but I forget.

Come to think of it maybe my shadow pact grenade could have been the inspiration for the mesmer grenade, i also wonder which of my other ideas coulde be the inspiration for the other gear in the game, besides i’m wondering which of my ideas been the inspiration for what item?

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You never know, if you looked back there could be more than you think / realise. Cool if the Mesmer did originally come from you.

If that’s the case then i hope my crimson defender shield makes it in, i mean who’s gonna say no to a 120% pistol damage boost?

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