Final thoughts about new Meltdown

Honestly , I don’t have much to say.
I feel annoyed by this unnecessary change they did to Meltdown.

Some matches end to quickly (when one team sucks)
Some matches last forever until times out (when both teams know their OBJ)

Seriously , I would like to know how many players complained about Meltdown not being fun (or whatever)
Because from what I understand , a lot of players in the community don’t really like the new Mode and would rather have the old one.

HELL ! my friend YellowLV (from PS4 community ) says that the new Meltdown sucks and not competitive as the old one.

IMO , they should at least give the option to play old Meltdown in private.


Im not a big Meltdown guy but I actually like the change.

I feel it drags the match out longer because it’s just giant bot which is easier to kill than a hord of shielded minons (at least to me). I get to focus on killing the enemy and making them respawn for 30+ seconds while I escort our bot to the grinder. It just seemed to add a lot more player on player action rather than sitting back and damaging minion waves at a range.

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Still have yet to play a match that made it past the first finale stage. When this happens, there’s no sense of competition and the matches don’t even feel remotely close. I’m still not sure why ultra minions (of varying strengths based on score) don’t spawn for BOTH teams in the first stage.

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The consensus appears to be that it exacerbates the faults in the current match making system. If it does work though, it’s one of the best experiences the game has to offer. I think they took a risk and it fell flat. It should be put into private matches for the time being, or at the very least let both teams have super minions spawn

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finally got past the first stage last night (twice; i was on pc with big players, and we got opposing big players) our team went random the second time (i was falling asleep at that point and cared not who i played, lol).
neither time did i enjoy the finale quite like some others expressed it. i guess because i wasnt competitive? i think we made it 4 bots in the first game, two or three the second. past the initial big bot wave youre playing md again. i…did not see the point. so i guess im indufferent towards the end game, but still sad most games never even get that far, so i would prefer 500 md again, for that nice steady climb rather than that weird stage in the middle.

I like the new meltdown. Feels like I’m one of the few. I don’t want to see it go, I think it’s way more competitive. The problem is not enough XP gain and everything else I can think of is because of mm/population.

Maybe up the score threshold before the finale phase begins (I forgot what it’s at right now)?

Literally NO one would hate new meltdown If the threshold was 500 still (now it’s 400)

500? 20,000? 16 million? The number is meaningless (unless they have stealth changed things).

Once the clock hits a certain time, the second half begins.if its 280 to 200 it switches to second half. If it’s 400-330, it switches to second half at the same time.

People have desperately asked to make it higher score thinking that it will bring the feel of old meltdown back but the reality is that the clock still hits the second half at the same time…most of the time.

The hate this mode is receiving is the messy and awkward “finale” aspect. That mode still lingers even with these changes.

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What, finale happens at the end of the timer if not the threshold, what the heck are you talking about

The end timer is still the same and the end result is still the same “finale”.

Huh finale should get crazier instead of ending time… I had so much fun!!

Instead of lose by score they should spam super minions faster…

We lost, and idk how but man! I had so much fun

Okayy, it’s still more than enough time that the threshold will be meant, and it’s better than “timers out, you lost”

I never liked Old Meltdown. The new one is still boring to me but I like it more than it’s previous version. Mainly because I find myself consuming less time with the bots/minions (pve) and actually battling the other players (pvp).

Sounds like you enjoy basic TDM rather than objective base mode.

Let me guess , you prefer Capture ?

To clarify your opinion , answer this Q above regarding Battleborn

BTW , if your were in a serious match of Meltdown (Old and New) , you would find a lot of players focusing on clearing minion waves.
So either way , you’re still consuming more time with minions and less time battling the other players.

Meltdown is tdm if you have 2 players focusing minions the other 3 can hunt players and tag with minions.

Thx to pirce bullets of trix i got the other players.

But then the other team is bound to lose (the one being all team death match)

WOW , 23 kills and 3 deaths ?! LOL XD

How come you got so many kills as a support ?

what was their rank lvl ? (sorry for bad English , its not my mother language)

I stole many kills using patient 0. Lvl5 mutation allow you to focuse a minion and dmg an enemy.
Also i used my ult anytime they decided to kill my minions. I took the cd helix when fulminate kill an enemy (minion).

Dots for days!!!

They were lvl 100+, i stoped trusting cr since we got all this x2 events.

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NNNNnice !