Final update on Moxxi's Waitress Cosplay

Hello Again!

Here is the last update to my Cosplay for PAX Prime!

After placing the overall buttons in on the side, I had to find the perfect length of my straps so I measured out the straps to fit to I can carry around the Loot crate with my “Beers”.

Next I went to Home Depot and bought some heavy duty strength Velcro so that way when I am walking around on the expo floor, the bottles would have some support to rest on top of the loot crate but also they are secure enough that they won’t fall off so easily. I have a quote going at AlphaGraphics for the Beer labels, I will most likely go down there tomorrow and pick out the type of material I want to use for the labels. Most likely something cheap and easy. I also found these rad USB powered “cork” lights that will go on top of each bottle so that way the label is illuminated throughout the expo floor. I am also going to wear a pair of my light up sneakers to stand out a little bit more :stuck_out_tongue:


So as I am sure like everyone else in this community, I love Borderlands. The story and the characters are so well crafted, that I absolutely love this game. During PAX South I ran into Randy Pitchford for maybe the second or 3rd time. I told him back in January that I am going to get a Butt Stallion tattoo, I’ve had this idea for a while about getting a whimsical unicorn sleeve, and Of course, Butt Stallion HAD to be the center piece. I just finished my Butt Stallion Tattoo yesterday. Just in time for it to heal and so I can show it off at PAX along with this fun cosplay! Below are the progress shots of my costume and my tattoo. This game and community means a lot to me and I’m so happy to finally be able to cosplay as a character I created and that was fun. I can’t wait to see the Gearbox employees at PAX Prime in a couple of weeks!

Thank you to all who have been following my progress. :slight_smile:


That tattoo is epic!

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Truly superb.

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