Finally 50! Looking for Digi clone/STNL suggestions

Did some very little tweaking after reaching 50. Here’s the current build.

COM and Relic:

Didn’t studied Com and Relics yet so… The COM is my only Legendary and I’m fine with it. I do have some blue and purple I collected but didn’t really looked at them
The relic… yeah. I hope it helps STNL radiation beam. (Bad Dose augment.)
I don’t currently have a radiation gun equipped but I do have a Crossroad (Hyp shotgun) and a Spinner (Mali smg) in my backpack with it.

Currently equipped load out is as follow.
Slot 1: The Flood; Melee dmg at AS end. :neutral_face:
Slot 2 (AR): Alternate between Fire Shredifier and Corrosive Barrage (DAHL)
Slot 3: Shock Brainstormer (Hyp shotgun); increase dmb while terrified
Slot 4 (SR): Alternate between non-elemental Lyuda and Cheeckoko; Chance of xtra projectile while terrified.

Shiled is a Transformer and grenade a Ghast Call.

I do have a selection of other Legendary sent by really nice friends. :slight_smile: but not necessarily specific items.

With the Halloween event going down soon finding appropriate Terror annointed gear is my priority for the next week.
So… What you think? Any suggestion?

Before I provide any suggestions I think it appropriate to offer some context first.

My approach to Zane, along with some of the Zane mains that prowl this area of the forums, is to do the opposite of what is done with the other 3 vault hunters. Most take the approach of trying to create the one build to rule them all. You can certainly play Zane like that because you bought the game so do what makes you happy :grin:. But! Zane doesn’t have an easy button. If you want to get the most out of Zane you’ll have to make an effort. For example, one of his best skills is Brain Freeze but it demands precision from you because it requires that you land consecutive head shots. That said, it’s not all like that. There are multiple builds where you have infinite ammo and you can Tedior chuck or rocket launcher spam while you stand still in the safety of your barrier.

I said all of that to say this, there are a lot of options when it comes to Zane and quite a bit of it is explored here in the Zane the Operative area. So my suggestion then is that you read through some of the content here to get started and then you can come back and ask more specific questions. Here are some resources to get you started.

  • @GimmickBuilds A great resource on a wide variety of gear interactions that Zane can exploit
  • A thread along the same lines as this. Though the OP had not hit level 50 at the time he and/or she posted some of the responses is probably still germane to your inquiry: A truly Zaney question, How do you play him?
  • This one eventually breaks out into an argument where Zane mains fight the never ending battle against ignorance. But at a minimum the video clip at the beginning is a great example of how powerful Zane is in his unique non traditional way. Killing 2 Anointed Militants and several adds simultaneously as Zane TVHM M3. How does this VH prove himself to you? [Discussion]
  • @Gentlemann is a fantastic resource. I HIGHLY recommend you look through all of his posts, especially his clone weapon tier list. He is also the father of the infinite ammo Zane builds.
  • @flightx3aa He has a YouTube channel where he covers a wide variety of Zane builds. I HIGHLY recommend that you check him out.
  • @kabflash Turned me on to Kai_TW on Twitch. If you read through all the posts on the linked thread above you’ll eventually get to one of @kabflash’s comment which includes a video clip from Kai_TW.

Finally I’m going to plug myself because you mentioned anointed gear and Bloody Harvest coming to an end and I just made a couple videos that touch on that, where I stumbled on a terror load out that’s inzanely powerful and is possibly bugged.

There is a lot more so do dive into the forums.



That’s always been my approach to Borderlands.
So… We’re good. :slight_smile:
If I wanted an op cookie cutter I would had just used one. :wink: I’ll probably be using the barrier too which I’m not.
I’m not looking/asking for an easy button. Just looking for advice from more experienced Zane players who may see a “big no no” that I overlooked.

Yup. Have that one bookmarked. Once again he’s using the barrier and I’m not. I’ll have to check it back though. Some nice hints.

Thanks for the references. I’ll use them. :+1:
Digging into your vids in 3…2…1!

Once you’ve settled on your play style or are exploring multiple play styles and want gear I highly recommend posting to the gear trading post for your platform. If you are on PC/Epic you can @ include me in your posts and if I have what you are looking for I will send it to you no strings attached.


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Here is my no barrier Slaughter Shaft run. Maybe you’ll find it useful.

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all zane class mods that matter

back ham shield with the terror annoint that gives reflect chance

look for the terror anoint that gives your drone 100% life steal might work with the ordinance augment as a burst of healing.

try and get shields and grenades that can give you terror for after the event ends

keep an eye out for the vindicator ghast call too

if you want double-barrel clone best interaction so far is face puncher on the clone with the cutpurse relic for essentially infinite ammo

close second is a scourge rocket launcher on the clone for me anyway

heres a list of guns clone can shoot real good

if you wanna switch it up and do speedy kill skill build i recomend an atlas so you dont have to aim

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Highlights: find a shield or grenade with Terror On Action skill End

Find the other with Increased Damage and fire rate during terror.

This will let you have terror and not be affected by it negatively.

Shockerator is my mob com! I love it. It let’s me put my clone on Which One’s Real and…something else. Because Binary System isn’t good in bosses, so I had to keep swapping it with my gear. Not my style.

I suggest getting an Infiltrator Class mod if you see one, and maybe hit up GenIVIV for her legendary shield. Her shield and an Infiltrator is a great combo because it’ll add a couple little drones to your army, and also is best when it’s down, which is what Infiltrator does best.

I set SNTL to…rocket pods and bad dose. I absolutely feel the speed boost from bad dose.

Go farm Mouthpiece for a Maliwan Mind-Killer. If you can get it with Cryo During Sntl, it becomes a really nice cold bore swap gun. It’s basically a no charge time, non elemental. Maliwan Shockwave. I love it.


Have these two open. So far I’m sticking to Mayhem 1 so I don’t feel too restricted on the clone guns. I can figure what works better but still can use “situational gun”. Like that Hyperion shock shotgun. It’s not good on the clone but still get the job done if I’m in a tight spot and need shields to be stripped quick. Still better to strip the shields myself but it work. Sorta.
COM … well… These will come with time I guess. I could read and study them for days… Wouldn’t do me much good.
I do keep the list nearby for reference. Good work and :+1: to @Maximum_Jackson for it.

Face Puncher and Cutpurse… Yeah… I’ll get them eventually. :wink:

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Those are my main priority.
Or I should say hope at this point.

Love mobbing. That’s what I do most in Borderlands. Not much of a boss fight guy. :+1:

I’ll put that in the bucket list. Thanks.

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Get your hands on a Hive rocket launcher. It’s incredibly destructive AOE radiation damage, but downside is you only get a few shots before you’re out of ammo. That doesn’t apply to your clone though. I have it permenantly slotted on my radiation drone/clone build and it causes chaos.

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That would be me too, but thanks for the shout out.


I suggest you have a executive class mode with Seein’ Red.

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