Finally.....a PC to Play Borderlands!

Many years a console gamer (still am) but recently was finally able to get a decent PC, so I am very much looking forward to the ease of using it on a PC, especially when Mr Grimmjob’s are in my hot little hands! Question however, as I am yet to download the game. Obviously, GOTY is the traget and I saw a thread a bit back that there was a sale for 75% off for it. THAT would be perfect, as i’ve purchased this game enough times now on enough platforms that i’d like the best deal possible.

TL;DR Any timing/pattern to when they decide to put these up for sale? Guessing Holidays and Gearbox’s anniversary maybe but this was back in March that the 75% was on sale. Any thoughts or assistance would be sweet! And I look forward to running around Pandora with you PC players soon!

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Steam’s Thanksgiving sale is coming up soon enough and is a decent sale overall, good chance you’ll find BL1 on some sort of discount then. But the big one will be the holiday sale in December. BL1 and most games will have healthy discounts then.

Overall(I’m assuming you’re going to use steam because why wouldn’t you?) I’d put it on your steam wishlist and get emails notifying you when wishlist items are on sale.


Wishlist…what a novel idea haha. Thanks man!

Hey so what is your steam name? I would love to farm with ya sometime man.