Finally able to solo Guardian takedown on a consistent basis now on Zane

I am finally able to solo guardian takedown (normal) on Zane now. But i have to use clone build. I wish devs can encourage build diversity a bit more. I actually enjoy Chain Zane build (Barrier + Sent) more than Clone , but i am forced to play Clone in order to solo Guardian takedown =(

still not a huge fan of the knock-back + crystal charging mechanic though…
The web tickler needs to be buffed more, and i feel like the dedicated loot should drop more consistently in this take down as it takes too much time and effort to complete solo.

I’m on the fence about the Webslinger being buffed, if they could reduce the self inflicted damage I would love for it to be able to kill stuff. But if you try to use it’s gimmick, you kill yourself nearly instantly.

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In my most recent attempt at running it solo I made it to the half way point and saw what i had for drops,everything was a world drop of the lowest quality,I would not care so much if it was at least a dedicated loot with bad anointments but I’ve had ratch drop mitosis hex ogt in maliwan and trash mobs give god rolls,something has never felt right with this takedown and you should be some what rewarded for the effort and time put in

Intended use causing self-damage is a terrible mechanic to begin with.


Yea i think you may be missing the point here…
what i mean by buffing the web tickler, is not so much for using it to kill yourself, rather to kill enemies…

I know, sometimes i wish this gun wasn’t created for you to use to parkour with…

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It’s a fun party trick if someone hasn’t seen it yet, but it’s thrill is very shortlived.

…you mean at MM10 or in general? I can do it at MM10, but I enjoy it way more at lower levels (depending on my loadout).

Does anyone enjoy it? I mean, I love it, but I also have no qualms about the jumping/platforming as it’s implemented here, and I get that this is largely disliked as well. Many tours through the Magic Slaughter in BL2 prepared me for this. :grin:

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Of course M10, i don’t play any other Mayhem level as i consider them waste of time…