Finally able to solo Takedown w/Patch Update

Yesterday I gave the update a shot to see if the scaling for the Takedown event was working, and i was actually able to solo it FINALLY thanks to the level scaling. I was Fl4k and went through the event using Rakk Attack surprisingly! Please don’t get rid of this temporary event scaling and leave it the way it should be. It’s good the way it is now but still some issues still are effecting the game. And the Ion Cannon nerf shouldn’t have been that punishing. At least make it consume 3 or 4 per shot and slightly better reload speed. Also a change of anoitments for weapons would be greatly appreciated like the handling and accuracy anoitments can be replaced with something better, cause the enemies get tuff in mayhem 4! So far love the scaling for the event and loot drops seem to be appearing as well. Please keep the game like this, it makes it more replayable and fun.




Congrats! They should include a scaling choice


Thank you ! I got destroyed countless times. I couldn’t even pass the Valkyries till now in M4. Its still challenging even after the update but it’s fair enough where tons of enemies aren’t raining down on me. That was just too much for solo. I love the scaling now and it should be like this for every player scaling to the amount of players in the party.


Thanks! Seriously it needs a permanent update. It’s very replayable like this. I didn’t think I’d beat it with Rakk attack instead of Invisible Fl4k build.


I didn’t solo it last night, but think I may have been able to. Started it, got to the bridge and looked at the time and saw it was well after midnight and had a 5:30 spin class and shut it down.

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Yea you should be able to! I thought I was going to die countless times on the bridge of death and wotan but dude I did it my first run. Couldn’t believe it. And without the Ion Cannon!

Using Fl4k Rakk is impressive to say the least! Get anything worth a dang?

I think like 1 good Moze class mod and 1 gun lol but other then that I’m not upset cause it’s beatable finally to say the least! Hopefully get something good though! :upside_down_face:

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Congratulations man. Gearbox, please add a scaling choice so everybody can be happy, playing the way they want.


It’s great like this. I really hope they decide to keep it with a permanent update after this 2 week event. This is the right step towards a great start for the game this year.


it was a total slog but managable, would rather do it with others but… it’s been hard to find friends as of late

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Same I play solo mainly. But I want to get back into the online coop. I play split screen sometimes with my friend. But it’d be nice to play with randoms and become allies.

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xbox ?

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This absolutely should be permanent. This game is supposed to be playable completely offline and this is one of the very few pieces of end game content, it should be accessible to groups of all sizes. Glad the scaling worked though, here’s hoping they listen.

Now if they can just make the drop rates for it rewarding…


Yes sir. I play Xbox !

This is why, I think, they are going to have to leave it scalable. It was getting impossible to get a group with long waits.


Appreciate it. I really hope so too. People need to let them know we still care about the game and making it replayable. I got the handsome Jack DLC for my curiosity to see how the content would be and it wasn’t that bad. The loot is pretty cool and I bought it separate from the season pass. If the game continues to be this awesome ill consider getting the pass even though I bought the 1st pack separate. Cause I frikin love borderlands since the 1st!

name is user name, hit me up

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I’ve been kicked alot so it made not really want to play online. It’s bad when your running a trial and your doing so good, all of a sudden you get the boot from the leader.