Finally after 3 hours of farming superspeed killing killavolt m10 i got a Monarch🌠 look at it!


Many have quit but i never gave up…

I knew it would pay off all my time and effort and devotion to the game for this one moment.

For this… Legendary item.


Nice! Lovely anoint. :rofl:

I got quite few to drop, eventually. Of course, first I farmed him off/on for half a day (multitasking stuff around the house during load times) and got nothing. Then hit KillaVolt once while playing with a couple buddies, and I was the only one who didn’t get a Monarch. Funny stuff. I should been farming for a 94% sham instead.


Yah! Its lovely on mah zane. I seen a x8 once… Outt a many days since the 23rd. Cant remember if it was airborne or some reload speed one. I just regret it slipping outta my bag over the bridge.

Ive seen 5 in my lifetime.i believe maybe this is 6. Never seen one with a horrible enchant like sntnl cryo or asa200 yet. Lucky i havent encounteted one o those
Thanks gearbox!

Ive only killed him over a few hundreds times just a few hundred. Mayhe 3 or 4.

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Keep farming


Keep going until you get the coveted sliding anoint. Ha

I did get a kinetic with 300/90 and a cryo consecutive hits. I want a corrosion one with a good anoint, but have yet to see a corrosion Monarchy period.

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Im overwhelmed i keep seeing all these wonderful Nighthawkings im Blessed!

Definitely dont want a x8 cryo or kinetic to drop with asa200/consecutive hits and maybe sntnl cryo. Thatd be horrible… I mean

Im totally glad im.never seeing them. Infact i seem to always get moze enchants which is great because im Zane!

Im sure one day illl press an action button and well looka that an iron bear will pop out.


Om Goodness lard! Lookie here another one!

Yes… One day ill getta rakk skin for me sntnl! So worth it… Gearbox rng lards are lookin out for me! Future proofin me even!

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:joy::joy: if it helps you are not alone buddy in the search for the best anoint, I usually get the sliding and airbourne anoints myself

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I got a x8 cryo but …

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Well dont leave me in suspense! But… Its a good anoint?! Like… Uh barrier Sntnl reload speed or its normal lvl 57 somehow?!

I mean im on pure wonderful loot its pist 5 hrs. Ive seen every legendary the game has to offer so far. Its quite an experience.

6 post 6 hours nada. i was lucky they protected me from seeing this dedicated drop and i was lucky enough to never get a usuable enchant. So i got 3 wonderful monarchs. I kill him pretty darn fast with cakes too.

Wonderful game!

Any chance you’re on XBone?

Just to be that guy, this dropped for me yesterday.

I switched off bipod mode to jump a gap in Lectra City went through half the map before I even noticed.

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Oh thats nice for a moze or frontloader life.

Are they all meele i never noticed. But theres 3.4k. at x4. I gotta figure this things parts one day.

Enjoy it for the short period before the Guardian Takedown drops and they raise the level cap again.

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But … the anointment sucks

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Solid annoint just like the rest of. The pics!

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I have gotten a few bad ones, but I have gotten a few good ones too.




Rngeezues favors thee. My 6 and a half hours i saw only 3. Im talking dedicated nonstop killavoltkilling yellowcake throwing madness. I was determined… Because the events gonna close i wont have the annoint for 200asa anymore available and that makes zane clone builds shine.

No luck. I actually cant play anymore. Gotta return to working. Was hoping to score it for the new takedowns too and try my hand at trying it. Just outta all the days i did farm never got a usuable anoint.

Oh well. Sucks i got free time during lockdown now its over and well my time spent wasnt fun.

I feel your pain. Not as much as you but I feel it. I have farmed Killavolt a few times but not several hundred kills. Maybe 50 or 60. I have only seen 2 Monarch drops. One with no element or anointment.

Same with the Sand Hawk. I have farmed for that about 4 different times and never once saw a Sand Hawk. Until tonight. I killed him again about 30 more times and got 2 on M10. I’m pretty sure one of them is not M10. These are the first 2 I have seen but I’m pretty sure that right one is like M8? At least they have anointments that are usable I guess…