Finally! Attack pack

After untold number of Market attempts, finally bought a pack with this for Deande:

I’ve gotten the same thing. I highly suggest getting her legendary instead though as the damage reduction is a bit killer

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…Agree, it made me wonder why the devs did that ratio.

It’s in the naming actually. You’ll see corroded, exploiting, etc be used across different gear and it describes the extra benefit/hinderence add to the gear. The stats follow a general average otherwise with small deviations

Makes sense :wink:

…I make weapons and know how things can effect damage.
(Have a full workshop here in the Cherokee mountains)

Uhhh I wish I could trade you mine - got the same but with +4,36 Crit Damage and a drawback on reloadspeed instead of Damage reduction. Seems even better to me… Tradable loot would be amazing.

I have a nice set of +attack speed items that amount to nearly +15% at the cost of -9% damage reduction and around 1000 crystals across 3 items. I tried it on Phoebe with her +20% attack speed helix, it was amazing how quickly I could melt high hp targets like Shane and Aurox, and any tank. Getting hit really sucks though.

I have a nice gear load out that gives me about +22% attack speed :slight_smile: its awesome on Deande!

The one I listed above is working real great.