Finally beat M4 TTD!

I went in purely to test out a build thinking I’d get wrecked before the Valkyrie fight, and before I knew it I was on Wotan. Neutral modifier for me, they got improved accuracy.

100% Boom Sickle the whole way. 125% inciderary 2 mag, Blast Master with shotgun damage, lvl 53 Transformer w/ 30% action skill cooldown on kill, Last Stand Otto Idol with 40 mag, 33 aoe and 21 cooldown. CMT with 25 damage on throw. IB saved my butt more times than I can count, especially on Wotan. I’m very impressed with that gun for using no shock or corrosive ammo.

It’s been done a millions times by a dozen people before me, but I figured I’d celebrate while I’m still a bit shocked and proud of myself. Here’s the build.


congrats, I gave up doing this with Moze long ago

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Grats, dude!

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I honestly had also, but it seems like this just fit my play style better.

Shield choice? Also, how many points into Vampyr did you end up having with the class mod?

Lvl 53 Transformer, 30% action skill recharge on kill.
2 points total in Vampyr. I mainly kept an eye on my shield and used Last Stand and IB to help it recharge when it didn’t get to proc TD.

I’ll add that to my original post, forgot.

Boom Sickle got me through too. I thought it was going to be over quick once I dropped down in to Wotan’s arena, but after an intense battle I came out on top.

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Yay that’s what you get from maximum effort.:wink:


I made sure to ignore the weaker guys, they are great with a Boom Sickle during FFYL.