Finally beat Saboteur... VICTORY

I had to solo it with Oscar Mike to secure victory. That difficulty curve is beast

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Congrats…did it with Thorn solo but still only, over and over, failure online matches.

I also beat it solo the first time, and on-line matches have been almost always a failure.
However, last night I was able to complete it with a PuG! Seems like the key is keeping someone in the upper section. Mobs like to snipe the core from there and nobody knows how to reach it (hint: there’s a jump pad on one of the ‘middle’ floor sections).

Thanks for the advice I can probably take that part for my team. I’ll definitely inform my parties with that info. This level has been a bitch.

Solo’d it with Boldur…failed. Solo’d it with Miko (got the “Will he challenging to beat with this character.” message)…beat it with 75% health left on core, lol

I had to try-hard with my Miko, but I finally beat it as well; full party in queue, etc. But like…this was the first time since the OBT that I’ve ran a full level as Miko. I’ve only ever attempted Saboteur on my Cald, so beating it on my rusty-Miko was…very unintentional to say the least.

And then advanced-Helio happened. Oh, the struggle continues…

Did you guys Solo advanced and get a silver?

Just normal so far. But I got a gold.

Beat it solo first try with Mike, and beat it online first try with a pug as Attikus (thank god) and have lost it online every other time lol

Failed this a lot with pugs, beat it last night (finally) as a group of 3. The difficulty jump to 5 is insane.

Just happy to see that it is doable… A buddy and I have tried it three times and lost everyone. So any suggestions for who we should use…? (Toby seems to a huge help cause we got close one time with him and cald)

I did it solo with Gal, I loaded the area with Temporal traps and thumper turrets, hugged the middle and used bream sword for ranged. Ended up getting silver ^-^

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I suggest whisky Mike and ISIC. As others have said Flash or Temp traps and Thumper turrets. Have ISIC sitting in the opening to the core facing away from the door (the one you enter the final zone in) and Mike floating facing the door.

The other thing to do is hit all the drone spots. Two are on the second floor in the room with the large chest. There is a third drone spot on the third floor (hit the jump pad outside the second room).

Enemies will spawn near the door and blast the core from a safe area.

Mike will have to help deal with the Veiled and Channeler guys. ISIC in his ULT with the rocket upgrade should have little trouble destroying everything else.