Finally caved in and bought GOTY

After a billion hours of BL2 and TPS, I gave in when I saw the GOTY at the store today. I have never played it, just started with Lilith, and I’m freakin’ excited to learn the history of Pandora (not Digi Peak style).

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Lilith is a monster in that game, so fun to play!!

I’m liking it so far, but is it supposed to be damn near impossible to kill things that are two levels above you? These two skags Morty and somethin or another, were lv. 16 and I was 14 and I got annihilated. Maybe I just suck after not playin for a month or two.

Yeah it’s pretty tough when your under leveled in the original… Once you get some pretty decent elemental stuff it’s not as bad but it definitely helps to do all the missions as you get them early on because if not you will run into some over leveled enemies for sure…

Yeah I have been cause I want to do every sidequest. They just throw ones out there that are 2-3 levels higher, maybe more, outta nowhere lol. Like the Bonehead one, I think I was level 7 and they throw that out there at 10 or 11. I guess it’s gonna be a grindfest.

I would usually make a few runs through an area with lots of skags early on to build a level or two… And if the mission you mentioned is to kill Moe and Marley they are technically badass Skags so being under leveled is rough against them… I think one of them has a chance to drop the lady finger pistol if I’m not mistaken…

Yeah, the beginning of the game can be a bit rough. Your weapons usually suck, action skills are not buffed up by skill points yet, and Bonehead/Moe+Marley/Lost Cave are going to kick your face if you are too low a level! The mechanics are a bit different than BL2 regarding damage dealt to higher level enemies…a lot less. I typically run through the high-level (Seeds of your Pants) area of Skag Gully a few times, to gain a couple levels and some higher-level weapons from the 2 chests.

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And lost cave is a good spot with six gun chests and lots of xp if you can handle it…

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Good stuff, I’ll have to do some leveling when I play again.

Anytime you have a question feel free to ask from what I’ve seen there’s lot of helpful people on here. P.S. Keep your eyes open for any masher pistol you see… They can be huge on any character early on in a sticky situation or as a main weapon.

Grinded a couple levels and made my way to Sledge. Got killed a couple times, but he wasn’t too bad. Weird seeing Sledges Shotty as a purple.

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In BL1 level difference matters a ton because it modifies damage dealt as well as damage received. I’ve solo’d Moe and Marley at level 13 before though it’s definitely a real challenge (I’ve heard of people doing it at far lower levels by ‘cheesing it’), it helps a ton if you a corrosive weapon and an incendiary weapon, use the former for Moe, latter for Marley. Kill Moe first, as he will try and kill you at melee range whereas Marley keeps her distance and spams her static projectile thingy at you (which doesn’t really do a ton of damage). Ideally separate Moe from Marley if you can so you fight them 1 at a time.

I actually hopped in a random game online to get that quest done, those two were a pain. I haven’t had any luck finding a corrosive gun! And speaking of finding guns, what’s with the loot being way lower level than I am? I feel like when I was going through Sledge’s Hideout, I was killing lv. 15 enemies and they dropping lv. 5 guns. Even the chests had like lv. 10 guns in them.

During levels 1-48 guns from given manufacturers only appear at set levels, like 2,10,16, etc. or something, depends on manufacturer and the materials of the weapon. So part of the reason you’re seeing level 5 guns from level 15 enemies is that they are not quite high enough to drop the next level up of that gear.

Hmmm well that’s certainly different, thanks, I guess that’s why. Didn’t make much sense seeing loot ten levels below me.

Played a little today, got to the Dahl Headlands and killed Skagzilla. Reminded me of Dukino’s mom; rescued Lucky Zaford, and also finally found a corrosive gun…which was lv. 25, a purple Maliwan sniper that I couldn’t buy because it was $183k. :cry:

Welcome to Borderlands 1 lol. I’m glad you’re getting to play the game that me, and so many others cherished back in 09-12. Welcome, and enjoy the ride.

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Although the early game can be very different to borderlands 1, it’s a lot easier to get in to the raid boss farming once you’ve gotten in to playthrough 2.5. Doing the dlc’s is always very fun, (maybe not the underdome) when you experience Zombies, Knoxx and Claptrap/Other-Trap’s for the first time it’s truly something spectacular.

I can’t wait to do the dlc, I just did crazy earl’s quests and Krom’s Canyon today. Finally found my first legendary, I believe it was called a Wildcat, then my friend found a Mongol in a vendor, and I got my hands on a Volcano which is pretty nasty in this game (at least at lv. 25). He has high level characters, so he dropped me some stuff to sell so I could buy gear that looks interesting.


Protip, the wildcat is trash and always will be. Even with a mercenary com. Volcano is a very nice find though as well as the mongol!