FINALLY Finished the Game with One Character

OK, I finally, after slightly more than a year of playing, finished Borderlands 3 with one of twelve characters. Yeah… I have eleven more characters to kill Tyreen, and then I will be in TVHM and kick some {buttock}

Surprise! Typhon DeLeon is the parental unit of Tyreen and Troy Calypso BIG SHOCK!!!

Also, with every other boss, my first character gets killed. This didn’t happen this time… I didn’t die at all. I did run out of SMG ammunition, but other than that… no problem.

The reason I survived, I guess, is because I always strafe sideways with every boss.

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Why did you make twelve characters if you’ve only just finished the main story for the first time?

This is how play initially. Four characters, three trees, is twelve distinct characters.
Yes, it is bat-{crap} crazy insane, but that is just the way I play initially. in TVHM mode, I will have only four characters, but it will work out quicker.

So, to answer your question, I am bat-{crap} crazy.

And I like it!!!

{{Also, I don’t play every day, and I only play for 2-3 hours when I play}}.

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