Finally getting the hang of this guy!

I did pretty well if I do say so myself.

Not too shabby.

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Bola’s and solar sustainer you’d make people take what 42% more damage when they get hit.

Unless that’s his legendary in that cases its just stupid.

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nope! you’re right- bola’s and solar sustainer. I haven’t even gotten his legendary because i havent even gotten 1 situation where i hit 4+ battleborn with his ulti :confused:

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You won against THREE Benedicts?
No… no… no… there’s some shady dealings going on here.
I mean… just ONE Benedict should have filled everyone on your team with pants wetting fear and an overwhelming desire to run screaming for cover like a small child.
Shady… shady dealings…


I don’t know what the case is specifically but I did mine with only 3 people when I took the left helix on lvl 10, I circled around my caldy and ambra repatedly making them enter and exit the spheric radius and I finished all 10 in one match, I had him mastered sometime yesterday afternoon cause of it. I recommend it on a story mission if you don’t have a group to help you complete it

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turns out his slow and DoT bolas turn benedicts into a not much more than a glorified chicken that can’t get very far off the ground :smiling_imp:

Shots fired. Has @Benedict_87 's reign of flying terror been brought to an end? Is he going to follow the path of the dodo bird… And become extinct? :smile_cat:


And my rockets can turn Kid Ultra’s FACE into a SMOLDERING CRATER… on OR off the ground. His bola’s can’t do a friggin’ thing if his body is blown apart by EXPLOSIONS…

Oh… y’all’d like that wouldn’t ya? Y’all’d like me to just give up and go die somewhere… Well THAT’S TOO BAD!!! I’m STILL FLYIN’!!! AIN’T NOBODY, NOT SOME PUNK ASS KID… ROBOT… THING, NOT THE VARELSI, NOBODY KEEPIN’ THIS BIRD DOWN!!! Extinction is for dinosaurs and singing cowboy movies! NOT for ME!!! :scream_cat: Yeah. Yeah… that’s what your happy cat looks like when it sees me flying overhead lookin’ down on it like it’s dinner. Cuz it is… run LITTLE KITTY RUN!!! BENEDICT’S IN THE MOOD FOR SOME FRESH COOKED RED MEAT!!!