Finally got ALL of them!

Certain ones took a bit longer than the others (i’ll give you one guess towards the hardest), but finally got all the titles! Huge thanks to the Darth squad for not stealing my quads whilst going for Fours Sensitive. I’ll be enjoying my 198/198 until Kid Ultra comes out!

Edit: Since a few people have asked, heres my total play time/kills/etc the day after I got all titles.


Props. I still don’t even have angel of death :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done!!

Any tips on “Exterminator”
(Kill 25 sentries without taking damage)
I’m at 9 currently, have tried staying back and making sure I get the last shot off. Mike and Echelon have seemed the best for this, but was wondering if you got any other strategies?

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Impressive indeed!

I’m getting there…

It seemed to me like as long as you’re full health when sentry dies, it counts as you not taking damage. Couple good practices are using a high damage - long range character like Oscar, Marquis or even Toby, but also its a lot easier if you have a team mate that can keep you full health when the Sentry is close to death.

Can support. Ambra can make this easy.

Actually, I’d reccomend Ernest. Siege it until it’s low and then duck out and ult. Lifesteal on mine keeps you at full health

Wow! I think you’re the first person to do this!


How did you go about getting all those quads? I still don’t have a single one but I can see pillarstorm being a good way to go about it.

I’m at abuot 170 titles currently, still miles off Angel of Death/Medicinal Use Only/Fours Sensitive/Three Sum/Exterminator but the rest seem achievable.

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Personally I love the Dragon, but I could see it being possible with Orendi, Thorn, Rath, Galilea. The biggest tip I could give is play smart, in most cases there will be multiple people on you and you need to outsmart them. Knowing all the characters and what they can do will make your life a lot easier.

Far out brussell sprout 98 triples, 22 quads and 4 pentas?

I too love the dragon, but I struggle to get much beyond double kills with him.

That said I have been working through the roster for all mastery titles so I rarely play my main killers (Phoebe, El Dragon, Thorn, Orendi etc).

I only have 9 triples career and no quads but I also play on console where its a bit harder to be precise.

Probably doesn’t help that I taunt after double/triples pretty often instead of going for the squad wipe lol.

You sir, are a monster.

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You and I are on the exact same quest right now!

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I just completed the 10 wins for every character challenges in my last session, now back onto the mastery grind!

Can’t wait to be rid of this curse and get back to playing whoever haha

Darth Squad!

Congrats man - thats epic!

Looking at those stats really shows me how bad I am this game lol

I have much to learn oh wise and skilled one :slight_smile:

Possibly a stupid question - does getting all Titles net you the Platinum?

nah titles aren’t part of the platinum for playstation.

Completing all lore, levels and a few other select bits and pieces are required for the plat.

No question that OP is a monster, but I think you’re also disadvantaged by the fact we mostly play Meltdown on Outskirts/Coldsnap. Quads and pentas simply aren’t going to happen when teams are divided over two lanes.

It seems to me pentastrike in particular is an Incursion phenomenon

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True he got a majority of them in capture but if you play with a team “darth squad” its easier. He has gotten them in both meltdown and incursion.

Oh, I don’t doubt it… but it’s super rare in Meltdown to see five people in a lane, and when it does happen, it means they’re either losingly badly or winning disgustingly, haha. Maybe more common in Paradise, because of supply shenanigans, but I always vote that gross thing down!