Finally got ALL of them!

Here’s how I envision playing against the Darth squad.

Corpses being enemy team.

*checks bodies - yup that’s a quad.


Bonus points for the reference being legitimately fours sensitive.


Do you go with HP and damage reduction type gear or attack damage/speed etc?

For El Dragon I went with a free shard gen, then a green attack speed + hp, then an epic attack damage + hp. Gave him a bit more tankiness to go with the 30% damage reduction helix choice. Turns him into more of a monster than glass cannon.

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You must have gotten some of these rather early. I think at this point there are a volume that will never be achieved.

Nice one, this is something I will never achieve, I just don’t have the time :slight_smile:

OMG!! You should be in the next Battleplan! How long? What is your total play time?

damnit and here I thought I was going to be the first. but I still have to master 6 characters and do a bunch of other random crap.

Ah well, props to you.

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Congratz !!!

Thanks - I’ll give it a try!

He has been playing since launch ill ask him to post a screen shot of his general stats.

Holy crap, dude. Here’s me, sitting with 394 kills to 1200 (exactly) deaths, and thinking that’s kinda good. Yeesh. Mad props.

(To be fair I’m crap at everything and I just play for fun =P)


What’s OP?

If you need assistance finishing Advanced Hardcore Heliophage, I’d be happy to show you a few moves.


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Just played a game against you :smile:

EDIT: Oh and props! This is very impressive. I still need to get fours sensitive, pentastrike, and BADA BADA BOOM. Then I’m done as well!

Lol thanks friend but I just ran through all of them today.

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Nice. I was hoping the sarcasm would come through.

I do have one whole Quad kill. I’m quite proud of it, actually. Thorn’s Wrath in to the enemy bunker where teams often coagulate after they’ve lost their first sentry.

Original poster - the creator of the topic

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Were you playing against a half carton of eggs mate haha or do you mean congregate

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Wow – congratulations!!!

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