Finally got Legendary for Renegade!

  • 60 tries on Renegade and I finally got one !!!

  • Picked Ash and got 308 kills and a silver medal.

  • Thank you RNG !!!


I got that too. Might try using it to help get Whiskey’s lore when I start using him. Might pair it with a low cost shield pen.

Max stats as well, that would stack nicely with Vyn’s Quiver.

That, Whiskey’s legendary, and a cheap shard collector would be killer for “Whiskey Foxstomping.” I’m coining that term, btw.

“Whiskey Foxstomping, the act of pubstomping as Whiskey Foxtrot.”

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That would be great for a character who shoots a lot of bullets, like Montana or Oscar Mike.

Against battleborn that is an 11% dps increase. (.071.51.07)
Against minions it is a 22% dps increase. (.0731.07)

Vs battleborn it isn’t much better than a 420 activation cost 9.80% attack damage white.
Vs minions it is very good.

If your goal is only to minion kills with your basic attacks… (Montana, ISIC maybe…) then perhaps it is solid. Any other situation; pretty pointless. Marquis maybe for the possibility of absolutely deleting people in one or two hits. Recoil is a totally wasted stat, though.

Vyn’s Quiver :heart: :heart: :heart:

One of the best Legis, IMO. Mine has rather meh stats, I keep re-running The Sentinel to try and get a new one. Still, that 10-second interval Stun is the bee’s knees!

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Congratulations OP! Great item, and you got top stats too (jealous!).

Can you speak a little more to this, please? Why the increased damage to minions?

Crit bonus vs battleborn is 1.5. Crit bonus vs minions is 3.

That’s just the “free crits” third line you’re calculating, right?

These are max stats, a -17.50% recoil, +7% crit dmg purple would cost 1050 (assuming that combo exists)

Combined, that’s 1500 shards worth of awesome (plus the 1.2% dmg descrepancy between the 11 and 9.8)

That means we’re paying a ~300 shard premium to get all that in a single slot, plus allow us to still equip that 420 shard 9.8% dmg white, if we want.

The Executioner also works with the M-Pulse controller, Skill Spike, and Mag Daemon.

No. I took into account the 7% crit dmg bonus as well. See the “1.07” term in my calcs.
Beyond what I already stated it is a recoil decrease which is a wasted stat. Recoil is not an issue on anyone.
For melee characters that ‘recoil’ stat is worthless. On characters like Ambra it is worthless. Even on projectile characters like Whiskey or Marquis I regularly take +recoil flawed gear and either notice no difference or just compensate for it accordingly. Maybe it’s because I’m used to playing games like Killzone which feature recoil management heavily. I get that it synergises well with crits (less recoil=easier to pound crits) but given how much characters move in this game, how wonky hit detection can be, lag, and weird crit spots, most of the time crits are just luck; you’ll probably hit more crits with higher recoil and spraying than really focussing on them. At least on consoles. And crits are half as significant vs battleborn, and killing minions is easy anyway.

Any attack damage gear>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>recoil reduction.