Finally hit my wall with Moze

I have this build that has been working really well on M10 even though it’s a 1hp build. I decided to try the Takedown because I never really completed it before. I farmed Valkeryie Squad a bit to get a shield but never did more than that. I’m able to clear up to Wotan and do most of the Wotan fight pretty easily but towards the end I just can’t stay up very well.

Not sure if this is a 1hp build issue or just not familiar enough with the fight or what. If I can clear most of the Takedown including most of the Wotan fight should I be able to finish it or is that last part where Wotan is in two pieces just a bad place for 1hp build having no health gate? That flying Wotan sombitch is just messing me up. :frowning:

It probably isn’t helping that my first time attempting it is with a 1hp build at level 60 at M10.

When I do the TTD, most of my damage vs. Wotan comes from my corrosive Flipper SMG. I use Rushin’ Offensive and just chase his flying half around the arena. I’d think that would be enough if you’re using a Bloodletter class mod to heal your shield.

Are you currently specced into Fire in the Skag Den and Short Fuse?


Yes. I’m spec’d into both of those.

Hey, we’re already Shift friends, do you want to try it together? You might have to create the game, though. I have the Post Mortem death-head-spawner mod in my game right now, which might give people trouble.

Try using a scourge. The mini rockets are homing, but will still hit crit spots. Focus on one of the halves at a time and try to keep some mobs about for second winds. Good luck!

The two part stage is the riskiest for 1hp builds, imo. The bottom half can one-shot you and the upper half is just annoying in general.

I used to switch to Double Downer for that portion with Bloodletter, but now Iron Bear might be able to take down the top half before its fuel runs out with Sabot Rounds. Do you have any points in IB?

Yeah I have short fuse so I have a decent amount in the blue tree. I have 3/3 Deadlines and 5/5 SSB and AB. I also have Security Bear. IB has been dealing with a lot of it but when I die at that stage it’s typically on CD. I am not built primarily for IB so I don’t have Grizzled or any AS CD bonuses.

Thank you for the offer. I mostly play solo so I’m trying to figure it out solo. Also, it took me forever to get my modifiers set up and I don’t want them getting jacked up again. lol.

Fun fact: Wotan’s upper half can be frozen by the Frozen Heart or Frozen Showshoe shield novas. So your shield breaks, you go into FFYL, but he crashes to the ground right next to you, unmoving and unshooting while you get your second wind off it.


The flying part has always been a pain for my Moze,just did it with one of the new dlc weapons,a corrosive light show that eats him up fast,good hunting fellow VH

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Sabor Rounds is pretty good, especially if you are specced for IB like you are. Is your Deathless a Snowdrift one? The mobility really helps.

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No. I’m using an Elemental Projector Deathless. I do have a Snowdrift in the bank that I wish I had brought because yeah the mobility would have been nice. I am using rocket pods with no augments. Will maybe try some of the other options.

I did beat it. I think what helped was focusing on the bottom half first. I was able to kill that much faster and I think that is what kept one shotting me before. Once he was dead I was able to more easily chase around the flying part. Speed Demon + Rushin’ Offense + IB is really funny btw. I am surprised that Rushin’ Offense works to heal IB.

My first Wotan loot:

and the other loot I didn’t see that was across the room…thanks for the “sliding/airborne” anointments GB! What a waste :frowning:


Could be a gear issue or maybe just need more experience with it.

Definitely quite doable on True Takedown with a 1hp build. I wouldn’t even say I used near the best weapon choice for this, my passives are great though - mag size, + max hp and + splash/aoe. If you aren’t using a last stand in your 1 hp build I think it helps a lot in fights like these as even though you can’t control when it procs it does tend to absorb a lot of would be damage. Also using Iron Bear for FCOW in key moments is huge.

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This answers my question about how high you can loft the Gargoyle’s grenade projectiles.

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Cleared Maliwan Takedown M10 solo yesterday.

You can spec into IB with any decent Bear trooper COM, using corrosive Railgun, and go through the takedown without much trouble.

That being said, I go through content in M0/M1 the first time, so I can take time to enjoy the map design and story without trouble.

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