Finally! I just beat m4 Takedown solo!

Based off the loot drops I don’t think I’ll bother trying it again without a team. Best I got was a shock annexed dictator in the first area, which admittedly came in great against Wotan.

Seein’ Dead helped a great deal.



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Gratz man! I remember the first time I cleared it on my Amara on M4. Took me about 4 hours of trying to beat Wotan. I was so stocked and hyped, I literally had to take a walk in my house to calm down a bit, that adrenaline rush it gave me was freaking awesome. I worked my way up from M0 to M4 in the first weekend it dropped. This was all before the recursion shenanigans. Cutsmans and Brainstormer got me through the whole deal.

Now I cleared it twice on my Zane too! I prefer to run it on M3 to be honest on Zane. M4 took waaay more tries to beat than on my Amara.

Let’s hope the next raid (if any will follow) is as great as this one.

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