Finally managed to beat Wotan, mildly disappointed

c’mon Gearbox are you kidding? Finally managed to beat Wotan just then (only managed to get 1 person through matchmaking so the fight was pretty tense but we managed very well with lots of clutch revives), my ally died towards the end when Wotan splits so I had to smash Wotan to pieces quickly, to my disbelief I actually managed it, only to be rewarded by a cutsman and a alchemist, neither anointed.

I’m bitching a lot here but where’s the lootsplosions Gearbox, what’s up with the world drops even in takedowns with their own unique loot, it’s asinine. I’m gonna run Wotan again but actually defeating him is tricky, let alone farming the mofo

The Takedown itself is magnificent and everything I had hoped for, although I was kinda expecting some kinda armoury we could loot at the end with the takedown specific drops within.


No lootsplosion? How disappointing.

Haven’t managed to beat him yet and got really frustrated with having to restart miles back and this isn’t motivating me to keep at it!

Back to Graveward farming eh?

Having done takedown at MH 1, 2 & 3, I found mh3 drops significantly more at the end. Mh 1 and 2 I go 2 or 3 drops whereas MH 3 I’ve been getting 5+ from the end fight.

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Fair call, started running the Takedown on M3, although haven’t gotten anything from the valkyries yet. Fighting Wotan solo is kinda impossible for me rn unless I wanna be sitting there for ages and then die outta nowhere and have to do it all again.

wake me up inside :frog: :gun:

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Tbh you get 3-5 each time you kill graveward on mayhem 4 which is much quicker. Kinda sad there’s no lootsplosion like when you defeated Terramorphus.

Fun fact though - he’s the one raid boss I never beat. Threshers legitimately freak me out that I can’t deal with them ;-;

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Did you remember to kill the brain after? That thing drops half the loot. I haven’t gotten less than 5 legendaries from killing Wotan on normal TVHM.