Finally news-breakthrough - 2 missions gameplay video on IGN

im just watching the beginning of the first video (with intro) - have to tell you this news!!!


Amazing! Gonna love this game… Good work Black Bird interactive !.. :smile:

Thanks for sharing this Flure99.

just watched the 2 videos, have to see it again, a lot of informations about the gameplay is in there. thanks a lot for the BBI people. some good and some not so good points:

  • love the art-style, art-department, you did a great job!!! intro looks really nice, like real filmed footage and then overpainted it. also that is still in the same style than homeworld - but in homeworld we had black&white movies in a colorful galaxy - in DOK its more colorful movies in a brown/ stone world. brings me to the next point

  • the desert - im glad that there is not something like “blue / pink” dessert because of … no - what you do is playing with the light and the weather - this is cineastic and a nice trick to show us some visual diversity.

  • no formations :frowning: so the game is choosing the right formation for my selected vehicles. don´t know right now, think i would prefer it that my buggies cruise in my selected formation over the dunes

  • no usable wrackage-ressources, would love this to give me the feeling im in the desert and need every metal i can get.

  • the “view-distance” system looks really nice , shooting lines get blocked from dunes, etc.

  • sensor-map - WOW !!!

  • about the graphics, dont know, like i sad before, love the homeworld art style, sometimes its a little bit sterile from what i have seen on the video, sometimes we have amazing explosion effects (the big missile from the carrier, with a lot of dust! cool) - and sometimes it looks like ground control with better textures and high-poly models … sometimes in the video it looks like the vehicles stick in the air ?!. the baserunner looks amazing

ah there are many points, have to see it again…

Can only agree with your observations @flure99. I just hope it wont turn into a simple unit spam game. Though considering these super weapons and the Arty etc… I doubt it…

The removal of formations is once more an annoyance and I do hope they still get implemented as promised in the Remastered edition, still considering this is ground I guess I can live without em still would’ve been nice in a tactical sort of thing.

The story interesting and seems more action oriented but I suppose it makes sense if there’s some sort of civil war going on.

7 long days to go.