Finally! Pendles is Completely Balanced!

Just read the patch notes and I’m super pumped!!

Not many people play him, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know - they released a weak and broken character named Pendles a couple of weeks ago. What makes him weak? Well, he has a permanent stealth aura with many related helix skills that are completely wasted in Incursion and Meltdown, since killing minions is paramount and stealth does no good while killing minions. The problem is that some Pendles have realized this, and now ignore minions entirely, instead choosing to go behind enemy lines and kill the entire enemy buildable infrastructure with impunity - which we all know is a complete waste of time, since minions are the priority. In fact, many teams have lost due to being completely overrun by minions while a greedy and self-centered Pendles is busy ignoring team dynamics and instead destroying thousands of shards worth of enemy infrastructure.

But now - the great news! Slow effects will no longer slow attack speed! This is great, since the only thing slowing Pendles down while killing the enemy infrastructure was the attack speed slowing effect that some buildables have. Now he can kill those pesky infrastructure buildings 2-3 times quicker and get back to killing minions as soon as possible!! SWEET!

I, for one, completely welcome this fix for a previously broken character.


Look - I don’t care that Pendles has invisibility. I really don’t. But this killing the enemies’ infrastructure with complete impunity ridiculousness has to stop - but instead of that, you just made it 2-3 times easier and quicker for Pendles to do it. Less time killing turrets means less health lost and less chance of an enemy Battleborn catching you in the act.

Furthermore, when Pendles was around, he severely reduced the benefit of putting shards towards infrastructure, due to the ease and rapidity with which they could be brought down. And now, not only will they get brought down faster, but you’ve reduced their standard effectiveness.

If you haven’t been in a game where Pendles has destroyed your infrastructure time after time, congratulations. For the rest of us, this just seems ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. He was already broken. And now he’s stupidly broken. I’m not normally negative like this, but for frick’s sake, this is ridiculous.

My god stop screaming nerf or change this pendles is truly balanced hes super slow outside of invisibility and your right no good at killing minions so at least he can help the team by destroying things in the enemy base if pendles picks a fight he can’t win he has one chance to escape or he’s dead if anyone needs a change its Ambra Benedictand poor poor Alani her geyser is one of the most useless skills in game


Just to clarify - I have no problems with Pendles other than his ability to kill base infrastructure with impunity, which was just buffed.

Edit - For all I care, you can buff him, so long as you remove his ability to negate one of the three major aspects of PvP (infrastructure, minions, and players.)

Also - I was being sarcastic. If your team is in the middle, and Pendles has destroyed your infrastructure, he can also kill entire minion waves as they spawn.

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It’s not really buffed if anything it just speeds up killing the accelerators which wouldn’t cause that much of a delay anyways if you’re playing Pendles right me playing him I’ve never had a problem with the slow but put it this way instead of dying when he hits with injection your attack speed won’t be slowed now so you can defend yourself as well

The fix here in my opinion is to give buildables some sort of reveal. Like for example, if pendles is in the line of site of a buildable for more than 3 seconds he gets revealed out of his sleath.

This would make him have to be quicker about doing it, and not be able to linger behind enemy lines for an indefinite amount of time.

“it just speeds up killing the accelerators”. Exactly. This is the exact buff I’m talking about. So, you agree.

However, it’s not just Accelerators - it applies to Thumper Turrets as well. These things used to slow attack speed and won’t anymore. Which will make them quicker, easier, and less risky to kill behind enemy lines. My quarrel is that this was already a problem, and now it’ll be a bigger one.

Remember - I have no problem with his invisibility in general or other skills, even though they can be quite egregious in other circumstances (permanent invisibility trivializes a lot of solo PvE content, for instance).

I thought about that, too. I also thought perhaps they could instill a “No Cloak For X Seconds” debuff (similar to the no shield recharge on the Shield Web Interdictor Legendary). I’m not sure what the best approach is, but I think the trick will be making sure the fix doesn’t effect his current abilities. I’m pretty sure this company and community have the imagination to find the right solution - the first step, though, is to admit there’s a problem.

Absolutely not that would make any invisible assassin useless around buildables especially Pendles who relies on it and no one would be able to sneak past the enemy base to secure a kill besides you can rebuild them for a reason

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Maybe they could make them cheaper instead of ruining the stealthy BB

This was the reason I said I’d had some ideas but still wasn’t convinced on the best approach. I don’t have, nor am I offering, a perfect solution, but I’m confident one could be found. I agree that effecting Oscar Mike and Shayne & Aurox should be out of the question, as they aren’t the problem here. I also agree that nerfing Pendles other abilities shouldn’t be part of the fix.

You can, but a Pendles can destroy thousands of shards of buildables in a few minutes with low risk. There have always been Battleborn with skills and abilities that can take down buildables - snipers, bursty-nukers, and such, but none of them could go behind enemy lines and kill buildables with the same efficiency or risk level. If Buildables are going to be less effective, their prices, experience gained when built, and experience gained when destroyed should all drop to compensate - but I think the better solution is to simply fix Pendles.

My solution for this is simple and something I want for sentry cheesers as well.

When an enemy attacks an infrastructure like a turret or even a sentry they should be revealed on the map.

That way you can tell if an enemy is cheesing your sentry or if the danger icon is being stupid and react accordingly.

And if Pendles is attacking infrastructure then he’ll have to deal with a swarm of enemies if he tries to linger around like he can now.

And I don’t think its OP for him to destroy infrastructure anyway, its annoying but when you consider he’;s abandoning his team it Kinda balances.

There isn’t really anything you can do to Pendles and I don’t think I’ve leveled up destroying them with him but I think a solution can be found maybe just increase their health as the match goes on like level ups or temp invincibility when they are built or they could regen health

I’ve been reluctant to mention this as well. Many games in Incursion end with Oscar Mike putting 10k damage on a Sentry. But my guess is that this type of change would be highly controversial and I’m not sure I want to take up that crusade right now, and I don’t want to derail this thread.

I’m pretty sure that’s the way it works right now - at least, on the Minimap. I can see Pendles’ icon pop up when all teammates are well out of sight range. But I could be wrong about the exact mechanics. The problem with Pendles is that, even when you see the icon, you can almost never get to him before the buildable is dead and he’s invisible again.

Honestly I don’t think I’ve seen that, but idk could just be me.

Eitherway, I just want it with the sentry stuff, but you’re right, thats something for a different thread lol

And yeah, I’m ALWAYS on the look out for a Pendles with a Quartertmastery Bin that takes our crystals and our buildables, It can be a major pain.

tbh I’m not sure how we could correct the problem without destroying pendles or making buildables too strong.

Buildables could be stronger I suppose, but I’m worried making them more resilient would change the game to be more about buying turrets.
Don’t get me wrong I know BB follows a Moba format, but any change could have massive effect on gameplay lol
Hell most are already freaking out of the new slowness thing, which I personally like but understand some complaints i’ve seen.

I suppose it’s gonna just have to be something people start factoring into their games from now on, idk honestly

It does for a fact reveal that’s how I always catch him he attacks the thumper I spin to win with rath dead snake I’d he doesn’t choose his life or the turrent

That’s true for all battleborn if the enemy is distracted of course it’s going to be easy to kill minions and he really isn’t good fighting them one skill is an escape the other is single target or it may be whoever is within swing range that leaves his ultimate as a lane clear I don’t think I’ll be using miasma like that plus low health which minions can literally melt just saying

Absolutely - all Battleborn can kill minions, but that wasn’t my point - allow me clarify with an example. You’re playing on Overgrowth. Your team is in the center area where the minions clash. Pendles has cleared out the Accelerator and turret, if you built one, in the corridor between your sentries. Your minions spawn from the hangar near your spawn area. If Pendles meets these minions in the corridor, he can kill all of them and re-stealth before you can run back from the middle to where he is/was - and that’s if you notice his icon pop up on your minimap. The combination of Poison Cloud at level one and Flash Bomb at level two makes a relatively potent AoE. Backstab with Injection the large minion, take a few swipes here and there, when your shield is depleted cast Smoke Bomb, and you will have killed all or close to all of the minions.

All other Battleborn with invisibility have cooldowns to their invisibilty, which means they can either stealth to the minions or back out after they’re dead, but not both. The 10-20 second cooldown gives your team enough time to get there and engage him while he’s still visible. This is probably why no one really tries that with other Battleborn. But Pendles can kill and be invis again in just a few seconds.

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Nope, a good Pendles would just strafe kill the thumpers like any melee would…just accelerators are quicker to kill.

The slow modification is a double edged sword for most situations. Now Pendles is far worse in a dualing scenario since he has a 2 second slow on his injection that he relies on to reduce incoming damage as well.

It’s easier for people newer to Pendles to take the strategy of just destroying buildables the whole game, which is a poor strategy in higher level play. Yet it is harder for him to fight back when he is revealed and has his back to the wall, which a good Pendles should know how to do. There is ebb and flow to balance.

Also a Pendles who picks extended smoke bombs instead of the lunge on inject is going to suffer on chasing/getting away at the cost of clearing minion waves, which is another consideration. He can’t avoid confrontation the whole game.

Please say you’re joking.

He dropped the accelerator and thumper quickly before and could farm minions by the shock turret to level and prevent pushing. What always kept him balanced is how ridiculously weak he is.

If the enemy team paid any attention at all they go back and look for him in which case he’s screwed because he can’t take on minions or turrets AND a player.

And to those saying he should be revealed? NO! that would mean he dies instantly the moment he tries to do ANYTHING. Making him completely useless.

Honestly there was no reason slow should affect attack speed in the first place. Lowering movement speed already totally cripples melee as it is.


I don’t know why you are crying about him being buffed by this slow debuff and attack speed change…it is actually a huge nerf to him. Any good Pendles would just dance around the thumper and never get hit in the first place. Now it is suicide to engage any melee character as Pendles because they will always (unless low on health) out DPS him due to his negligible health pool.

Change his assassin title to kill stealer, because the only Battleborn he can take out are those retreating with low health.