Finally went on sale, what to expect on the PC version?

So, Borderlands finally went on sale on steam…took forever lol (Probably not, it just seemed like it lol.) I’ve only really played Borderlands on console, what should I be expecting on the PC version?

I know for a fact, I won’t be playing BL2/BPS on PC cause… I own it on the PS4, it’s the best I could run it on console and theres no need. For Borderlands on the other hand, I can’t play it on PS4 lol. So, I wanna experience it again, but at it’s best and that’s on the PC :slight_smile:

Well, there’s not a lot to say that probably isn’t already obvious perks of having it on PC. You’ve got access to community mods, higher performance/graphics(computer willing), Willowtree(if so inclined), and steam. It’s Borderlands 1. On PC.


Yeah, I just found out about the community mods lol. They look very nice, also I should say WTH Borderlands?! What’s with that super sensitive mouse settings XD

Surprised the hell outta me when I first moved the camera lol. Also, what the hell does Game Detail do? I’m not noticing a thing :confused:

SO much this!

I have no idea either - doesn’t seem to impact anything visually or change the framerate at all.

I think it makes it look a bit better, but I did change a bunch of other settings, so I’m not sure.
For a game that’s a few years old it holds up surprisingly well aesthetically. It’s en par with the later games, albeit without the physics.

You can change mouse sensitivity in the options menu. You can’t change much though. Its one of those things where you have a sliding bar, but you can only move the little button at certain points on the bar, and the variation is significant. I just got used it.

There is an .ini file option that can tweak the mouse acceleration.

Borderlands disable mouse smoothing

Is there a way to improve rocket hitboxes? I’ve seen rockets go right through an enemy’s legs without hurting them.

Nope :frowning: Rockets are a big disappointment in BL1 after using them in BL2/TPS.