Find Claptrap DLC Weapons outside of DLC?

Can you find items from the Claptrap DLC outside of the DLC? Specifically the FLAYER? It’s supposed to drop from EOS, and sometimes Viruses. Can it drop in the regular game once you have finished the DLC?

A buddy of mine had a lvl 29 Rustlers Flayer he says he got while we were in the DLC in normal mode. While going after the Bosun on True, I mentioned he was just nuking scavs, and he mentioned how great his shotgun was. I examined him, and saw his Flayer was now 35. Still a Rustlers, too. He said he had found it on the was to the Bosun. I think he Gibbed it to a higher level. While it MIGHT be possible to find it outside the DLC, what are the odds of finding a second one EXACTLY the same as his first one? I’m not even sure his first was legit, since we have played multiple characters through UVHM and have never found one, and he happens to find the exact shotgun and prefix he wanted. TWICE.

Anyway, I digress. Since we have the DLC, and have run through it, can you find a DLC weapon outside the DLC?

Don’t know whether Flayer drops outside the Claptrap DLC, sort of doubt it. Can be got from the grinder, though.
Check this thread for recipes for grinding DLC2 weapons (sections 17,18):

CV weapons can be gotten from the grinder (though I think you have to use the one in the DLC), but they cannot legitimately drop from enemies outside the DLC.

Two clap trap legendarys and a purple shotgun from either grinder will eventually get you a Flayer. Also if your buddies Flayer has luneshine it is defiantly modded as Claptastic legendarys can not legitimately have it.