Find of the day

Oh I got that dropped by GenIVIV today in TVHM+Mayhem3 when doing story! :smiley:

Which is double good…
First it’s good.
Second I got lot of legendary gun today, but not a single Relic. In fact maybe no relic all week! :open_mouth:
And then that! :smiley:

Though I would argue that the +149 heath / sec might be useless hahah

One question though
Is all my healing stuff useless now, is it?
Any point in Sustainment (Amara lifesteal skill), since I am stuck on 1 health?

just tested it, put myself on fire, stand by health bottle. all health regeneration is now useless… I will to explorer shield regenration option… mm… interesting…

Also, thanks for all the answers, good to know this is a Moze end game item! :smiley:
I got a Moze level 27… I might level her up now hahah


Health is always good, and you should always try to get as much as possible without losing damage output. I wouldnt change anything about my build, just be happy that i had a little more sustain when I need it.

Wouldn’t that Health Regen be really good if you’re using that Artifact on Moze with a Bloodletter mod? I’m not a Moze main so I wouldn’t know.

I got stuck on 1 health with this shield, it’s why I wonder if sustainment (Amara lifesteal skill) is of any use…
Or does sustainment regenerate shields now with that relic on?

Ohh, I undertsand, yeah I suppose the health regen is a null roll on that item.

Not sure why anyone would use it on Fl4k… Since they have zero shield related bonuses that I’m aware of. But they can share regen with allies and pet even if they don’t use it.

Not sure where you even got fl4k from? dude was asking if the health regen on his amara’s skill tree would divert to his shields or not. As well as whether or not the health regen from the mod will replenish shields. ( Was this the usual bs of gb forums putting your post in the wrong place?)

No my reply was not misplaced… Would be odd to quote someone in the thread if was misplaced in.

You said the health regen roll on the item was a waste, if I understood correctly. The item as posted gives the vault hunter +149 health regen/sec

I was saying that in Fl4ks skill tree there is a skill that shares X% of his health regen stat with his pet and allies. While I do not understand why someone would equip this shield to a Fl4k character… Increasing his regen and investing into that skill would make him an even greater support role for team combat.

Did I clarify the situation? Skill trees on the website are down so I can not reference the skill name for Fl4k without rebooting the game atm…

nice clarification…

too bad I am not really interested in Fl4k! ^^0

doing some testing… might not be a good shield for Amara after all! :confused:
oh well will put it on a mule and Moze will get it when / if she reach 50! :slight_smile:

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Which shield do you use? I ask because Amara does great elemental damage… But the transformer would be great here with large aoe/splitting shock grenades equipped.

First of all her default element is shock - artifact increases shock damage dealt when you are shocked - shocking yourself recharges shield…

Plus you have a 40% chance to absorb ammo, I’ve yet to do any testing but doesn’t that mean 40% chance to not take damage? Who needs health when you can recharge your own shield and boost elemental damage at the same time?

I do have the Transformer

But I don’t see any easy way to shock myself… (most of my alt weapon are on mule but all the best are on me)

I don’t have shock splash damage weapon…
I try to stand on some shock grenade explosion area but, curiously, I was not recharging

also all the sustain skill in the build seems useless now :frowning:
though… I could, perpahs, explore new build option, which need no sustain… have to thing about that…

this has 21% cooldown… It would be nice to use…

I’ve yet to get a transformer, which is why I’ve not grenaded my feet on this title yet. I just figured we could hit ourselves with our own nades like former titles. Apologies if that doesn’t work.

Anywho Happy Hunting

well… it’s strange since I can kill myself with grenade…

I just did the test again (more carefully, in Sanctuary) and…
Despite the grenade being shoch grenade, they were burning me when I had fire augment, I switched to shock augment and I heal my self! :smiley:
(though the grenade are a tad whimsical…)

Oh… might try some new build with less sustainment! :open_mouth:

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My only find of the day was I just glitched out Gravewarden to the point all it did was float in place and await death.

Of course no Legendary was dropped, because Gearbox is more focused on the stupid “tweaks” that make the game less fun to play… fml…

Sorry unlucky… :confused:

I got 2 new cool find. which I have to experiment with… :open_mouth:
(find of the night… I am… playing too much! :open_mouth: :confused: )

The spinner! fire 2 element at once!
Gonna add Fire infusion and voila! :smiley:

And a good facepunhcer :slight_smile: