Find Troy Glitch

So I am at the find Troy mission and when I jump down the ledge there is no intro he just floating in a bubble with his sister what do I do?

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Quit and reload, it’s probably just a bug. You’ll respawn just before you jumped down.

Sadly I’ve done that :pensive:

I had the same problem, I just did matchmaking to my campaign with some random player and that fixed it.

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I’m now having this issue on ps4 but getting the right matchmake is ridiculous. Got one matchmake right after they’d killed Troy. :man_facepalming:

Ridiculous, months later and this is still a progress breaking issue. Tried matchmaking only to end up with people having the same issue. Restarting, reloading etc… are all not a solution. Why is there no fix yet for this, soon the bug is six months old.