Finding new dialog

So far i’ve heard people say Pheobe has some in algorithm and i know Gal has one in voids edge, how many character special dialog have you heard? (side not, one day ill play every hero through void edge just to hear what they all say to wolf, So far my top two are Thorn and Melka.)

I quite like playing a map for the 20th time and hearing a new thing said makes me all giddy.

I found that on algorithem as well! I start hearing a new one about mad magnases and then back to another one!

I know in the Algorithm Phoebe has alot to say, it just don’t always trigger. The ones I’ve heard are the one at the halfway point when she and ISIC get into an almost 2min debate about the algorithm and just before you get to ISIC she gets pissed when Kleese starts talking about keeping her stuff if she dies. The Renagade, I know she says a few things at the first core about science backfiring, and at last part when she starts flirting with Caldarius till he goes into slaughtering and killing things.

Also in the Renagade if you play as Ambra, soon as you get there, she doesn’t like being on a rescue mission to help political criminals but makes an exception. Playing Reyna in the Saboteur, she says a few things at the halfway point. Benedict and Whiskey Foxtrot has some funny dialog in Void’s Edge when talking to Wolfe at the locked stone door. Deande says quite a bit stuff on a few missions but can’t remember which ones since I haven’t played as her in a few days. With Marquis, lot of the stuff I’ve heard has been him and Nova having a conversation on every other map. Only heard one with him talking to ISIC in the Algorithm.

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Oscar Mike in the voids edge

When the sentry says “What are you guys doing after this?” In Void’s edge, every battleborn has a different answer. Every time I played I heard a different response.
El Dragón also has lines for the algorithm and when he deals the final blow to ISIC

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