Finding ppl to join on multiplayer BL2 PS3

Been playing BL2 for a while now and would like to play with others that I can get to know rather than just random and constantly changing ppl

Well, @maxineellis11, we all meet lots of random people, in real life, online, or gaming but making a deeper connection takes time & lots of trials with people, to see if you mesh, right? It’s even harder in gaming since people go on to different games you may not be playing. The fact that BL2’s an ‘old’ game & has a shrinking player base doesn’t help.

What level are you playing at, UVHM? OP8? I’ve been thinking of trying to get a group together for tackling the harder raids at OP8. Also have characters at lower levels. You have a mic? Getting to know someone = communication of some sort, right? Later!