Finish All Side Missions Achievement...Check?

Posted this in Discussions and got no responses… but hey…we all know the Moze forum is smarter so I will throw out the same question here.

In my very first Playthru…on Normal…I thought I was VERY careful and completed every darn side mission which should have awarded me: Getting A Littlie On The Side

But it has never given me the achievement.

How does one check to see what missions I have obviously missed.

I am in TVHM Now…and second playthru only did a few side missions.

When I check in inventory literally half the missions I know I completed are open.

Do I have to go back to normal mode or something to check missing missions??



Normal and TVHM count as 2 different modes, you’d have to complete all side missions in one or the other to get the achievement.

As for checking to see which ones you haven’t completed, see this link:

Look at the list of missions in alphabetical order and compare your list to that. Also, you MUST complete all Circle of Slaughters.


So If I take my character back to Normal…I could check?

Or once I started TVHM…all bets are off and I’d have to play EVERY Side Mission again??

Yep…and I forgot, if your on PC, select a world and hit “R” and it’ll tell you how many missions are in that area, and how many you’ve completed. If on console, I think its “LS” (left stick).

Nope, it’s one or the other…doesn’t matter which.

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I got the achivement just a few days ago after playing the game since release and as far as i could tell i have already completed all the side missions at least with one of my Mozes buuut i decided to play a few sidemissions on Normal mode just for fun ( since i have all side missions completed in TVHM).

So i head to Devils Razors and after completing the Dinasty Dinner mission (the one where you have to deliver burgers) i got the achievement.

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@WxndaBread @Hugostiglyts Thanks fellas…found 4 missions I had not done when I went to each map and did the R key.

Will finish them tomorrow and see if I pop the achievement then.



Got em ALL!

Thanks for the tips fellas!

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