Finished Borderlands 3 but scaling issue? Please help

Hey so i recently finished Borderlands 3 on the Xbox and have started to go back and complete old side missions (solo) and the auto scaling hasn’t happened?
Is there something i need to do to make it happen or turn it on?
Its real frustrating one shotting enemies and getting crap loot.

(I tried searching for an answer but all i have come up with is it should happen when i finish the game?)

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I think you need to activate mayhem mode on sanctuary to get the scaling, though I could be wrong as I activated it as soon as I finished the story. Pretty sure that’s all you need to do buddy, port back to sanctuary and activate mayhem 1-3 prob best to start at 1 if your gear not the best at the minute :slight_smile:

I think you activate it from the same floor that Tannis is on, if not its the one above.

Hope this helps and welcome to the forums.

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Ohh alright then. Ill give that a go then, thank you!