Finished both Remastered campaigns

Spoiler warning for remastered changes! If some of you care about discovering the changes for yourself…

It was a great ride. I think the most touching thing for me going through this collection was hearing Heidi and Michael back for Fleet command and Fleet Intelligence, respectively, in Homeworld 2. Jennifer and Eli gave good performances for the original, but there’s something to feeling like we’ve come full circle to have the original voices with us to finish the Homeworld story. A shame Campbell couldn’t be with us, too, but I like the way they handled the Bentusi. The Bentusi echo came back for HW2! A very nice touch.

In case anyone was wondering Michael delivered the Sajuuk line in the final mission in its completeness. There’s enough of a pause between them that it made me imagine him giving a double-take on the script before pressing on.

Everyone here already knows about the issues in multiplayer, but for single-player the mechanics are pretty much workable. The only significant difference in the campaigns I felt was in HW1 and switching the effectiveness of the gravity well generator and the missile destroyer. Now I won’t fly Homeworld 1 races without multiple gravwells in the area to stop strike craft cold.

I was also really happy to see the derelicts. All of the concept-model ships that made it into Homeworld 1 got presented in one way or another- and they were used to populate the HW2 Karos level. I was disappointed at how bland the derelicts became… now more like background objects and less like junked hero ships. I am very curious though, why the concept carrier essentially behaves like a unit. It doesn’t drift, it has active carrier sounds, and its own UI entry. Really sad I can’t salvage it!

All in all I think a worthy effort. Definitely not as hard as the original though the Homeworld 1 campaign is still slow after halfway into it. Now I’m wondering what is to come next!


I’m having a lot more difficulty in HW2R. I don’t think I ever finished the original HW2 campaign either. Seems to me the HW2 campaigns are designed to be less straight-forward “overpower the enemy” type missions. Instead they require more strategy or stealth. I think I made it past the first 6 missions. Will give #7 another go shortly. I really am enjoying these remastered versions, though. Great to be able to play these classics again!

I just finished the HW2 campaign in Remastered and I THOUGHT I heard something different yet familair when I heard these lines!

Although the sudden change of voice was a bit awkward, I did appreciate it for the very reason it was this familiar voice.

It’s a shame the final missions of both HW1 and HW2 have been killed somewhat in the remastered.

HW1R is missing the most important enemy reinforcement fleet and has a music issue where the imperial battle theme stops way too early, long before Adagio for Strings begins.

HW2R is missing the amazing theme that plays as the planet killers pop in. Gearbox WHAI U DO DIS
It should be this:

maybe they’re afraid the player will confuse the singing voice as coming from the planet killers :slight_smile:

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