Finished game in normal, can I skip having to do a whole play through

Just bite the bullet and run through TVHM. The short story is outlined already TVHM adds more badasses but doesnt change drops. That said, more Badasses = more XP and more XP = Guardian Ranks and the boosts associated with the perks coming quicker.

There are a lot of people complaining that they dont do enough damage on M10 but with the boosts of 13% Crit, 13% Gun, 13% rate of fire, and 13% elemental damage it adds up and makes life easier for me… Easier life = easier farming and the end result is more drops over time

when youre in rome , do as romens do lol . tvhm is like fundamental for borderlands game , it just bl3 try to adapt more people therefore they make it less important

It is my understanding that there is the difficult level of normal vault hunter mode, then there is the difficulty level of true vault hunter mode, and then there are the mayhem modes. The mayhem modes are difficulty levels independent of nvhm and tvhm. Once you turn on mayhem you’re not in nvhm or tvhm you’re in mayhem mode.

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Tvhm Mayhem and Nvhm Mayhem were never different. Any difference was placebo.

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I thought that in nvhm enemies had locked levels, so you could out level am enemy and in tvhm they scaled to you.

Correct. But Mayhem locked enemies to scale.

Activating Mayhem basically ticked all the same boxes that TVHM did, but then added the Mayhem. So elemental resistances were moved to the True values. Enemy spawn possibilities were moved to True value (anointed spawning everywhere). And of course, enemy scaling to your level.


Please, can we stop doing this mistake all the time? When using Mayhem in Normal we have the same Elemental multipliers as in TVHM. It was like this in Mayhem 1.0 and is like this in Mayhem 2.0
All other differences are placebo, as posted above by @sammantixbb You may only see difference if you start TVHM right after finishing Story in Normal. In end-game doesn’t matter what mode you are playing.
The only reason TVHM is in the game is for reseting the Story.


Dataminers or researchers as they called it pointed out differences

This is the updated

Shadowevil’s video is naive in what it states. His discussion relates purely to no mayhem nvhm vs tvhm, if he talks about Mayhem being on then he missed something when datamining. Mayhem modes have always used the same elemental modifiers, I’ve also personally checked health scaling (I can provide math if you want). Enemy spawns are the only thing I can’t be certain on as there is an element of randomness that I wasn’t willing to test against.

If you want to see a previous iteration of this discussion you can see here

Where the same discussion was had (in regards to M1.0) and the person saying NVHM mayhem is different went and tested it. You’ll see as you scroll down that they reached the same conclusion Sammantix stated above.


Inmight not be clear on what i said, i was referring to non mayhem on the difference on element matching, i know mayhem mode is the same in normal and true.

Btw maybe you know this, Is is there any difference in easy and normal difficulty in normal mode, tvhm mode and mayhem levels.

Some say we just take less damage. That’s all.

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I’ve not looked at Easy vs Normal at all. From what I’ve heard the player just takes less damage, though I’ve never tried to confirm it.

M2.0 didn’t change non mayhme element matching btw. Thats still the same as it was before. I might be entirely mis reading what you’re saying though.


I wanot talking about mayhem,I was talking about nvhm vs tvhm, and there is a difference.

In a reply to my statement that was specifically about Mayhem.

Just do it to be a completionist I guess. I did it before mayhem 2.0 when baddasses actually dropped legendaries.

I think the only reason to do a TVHM run now is to get levelled up quest rewards. But rewards don’t scale to Mayhem level right now. I believe that’s changing next major update? The said gear drops scale to mayhem level from all sources.
Other reason is to play through everything at max level. Other than that, no.

Yeah but saying that there’s not a difference between nvhm and tvhm mayhem mode is disingenuous because there is no such thing as nvhm mm or tvhm mm. Mayhem mode is independent of both of them. It is it’s own difficulty level, saying nvhm mm is as legitimate as saying I’m playing nvhm in tvhm.

You have a very strong misunderstanding of the fact that this discussion has to be had from the ground up.

I understand that they are the same thing. But telling people who believe they’re different “Mayhem Mode” and believing they’ll understand is like if you were to say gravy to someone who thinks that Red Sauce is called Gravy. Just because you know that Gravy isn’t spaghetti sauce, doesn’t mean the person you’re talking to does.

Therefore, until it’s common knowledge, we tell people Normal Mayhem and True Mayhem are the same.

I was referring to the difference between NVHM-non-mayhem and TVHM-non-mayhem.

I never tried NVHM+mayhem - actually, I didn’t even know it was possible. EDIT: oh, now I remember - Tannis gives you access to it near the end of the game, so you can then play in normal+mayhem from then on if you remain on normal mode. Though I always jumped straight to TVHM as soon as I could, so I never really experienced normal+mayhem.

The difference between ‘virgin’ normal and ‘virgin’ TVHM is huge though. And the difference between ‘virgin’ NVHM and Mayhem-NVHM was always big too. It seems counter-intuitive then that there wouldn’t be a big difference between mayhem NVHM and mayhem TVHM. But if that’s how it is, that’s how it is.

Except they’re not the same.

I look at it like this. There are 3 modes:

  1. NVHM - normal 1st play through
  2. Mayhem - can be enabled after first play through. Multiple difficulties.
    3 )TVHM - non-mayhem enabled play through mode. More difficult than NVHM, but not by much.