Finished mastering caldarius and he is a killing machine!

I mastered caldarius and learned of his truly amazing killing potential. it lies in his energy blade and his level 2 right helix. Using his energy blade , gravitic burst, and airial assault together results in getting the perfect kill. I’ll post stats tomorrow😀


Glad someone likes him. I can’t use him in pvp to save my life. So frail and damage isn’t impressive.

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Im only a few games from getting him mastered, been playing too much Mellka lately. Im glad youve seen the light, Cal is a beast. Im interested, as a Caldy player who utilizes his melee, whats your preferred gear?

Played against a Caldy a couple of days back who was insane.

You see, my friend mains the Kemessian robot and fancies himself a great Caldarious, I thought he was too. Together he and I have had some great matches working as a team, our best match I went 16-1 as Deande and he went 11-0 as Caldy, but then this match came and nothing was ever the same.

He was a ghost and a speedster, a meteor crashing down from the sky to wipe us out like he did the dinosaurs. This, dare I call him a man? Destroyed us, in the end he reduced my kills as Deande to 4, and increased my deaths to 8. My friend (also playin Caldy) ended at 4-5, and the rest of our poor poor team… This beast ended the match at 29 kills, 0 deaths, and 20 assists. The rest of his team was sub par, all but one in the negatives with less than 5 kills for their top player, but it didn’t matter as this god rampaged through the field. In the end, we bowed out heads in defeat and asked this lord of death “What GEAR are you running!?” He told us “Just a little health regen, movement speed and attack speed ^^; sorry!”

I then engraved those words into stone and have begun preaching the choir of the Caldarious, you will know our call when we march! When you hear these sacred words you shall run to your homes in fear!

“Just a little health regen, movement speed and attack speed!”


Get zealous frenzy for gravitic burst and use his blade trust me the damage is Amazing

Can u get a screenshot of this for me I want to see those caldarius stats compared to his team

Caldarius was my first love. He’s so fun. I enjoy using him here and there but after I get Master of xxx I stop playing the characters so I can work on others.

He’s the recipient of the game’s one and only post release buff, and it made all the difference.

It did his tmp really did need it

I used him a bit in beta and while he was pretty good at finishing off runners, he wasn’t very good at sustaining damage or kiting in PvP till he became an actual threat.

The fact that most caldarius users are awful makes being a good caldarius all the more effective.

I actually hopped on to look for the match for a screenshot right after I posted lol, I think it may be to far back now. On Xbox One and unless I am missing somethings I think it may only save the last like 20 matches or so >.< now that there is a request I will look again though.

Note: It was a meltdown match in paradise

Yeah no, sorry amigo, match is gone. I couldn’t remember exactly what day it happened so I took a look at the message I sent him after the match and it was last Saturday lol. I have played to many matches between now and then :frowning:

In retrospect though I remember having trouble with an El Dragon on their team near the end, it’s possible that El Dragon managed to get into the positives, considering Caldy had 20 assists that would mean the rest of them had to have ATLEAST 20 kills spread across the team, though I do remember two of them were >5 kills, I don’t clearly recall the other two. The numbers 28-0-20 are seared into my mind like a brand though

Here are the stats as of now

He is a kite Master. Hate being melee and going up against a good Caldy

And with the right build he’s a killing master as well:)

I don’t see other good caldarius players often but it’s fun to battle them as I get to test my skill against theirs

Melee over his gun? You crazy.

Have you tried a melee build for him? Also I never said only use the blade but really if your just using the gun or just using the blade you’re not using his full potential

Great job! You are now beholden to the community to produce a “How to Bada$$ as Caldarius Guide”.

I look forward to reading it as he is next on my list.

I want Helix breakdown, gear choices (and why), best combos, and a list of dos and don’ts.

theres a caldarius guide up already but his is different from mine do you still want to see my version of the build