Finished New PT1 - Am I going Crazy?

So Far I’ve played 2 toons to Level 60 and 1 to Level 50 , so i thought I’d play Claptrap through PT1.

Finished it and went back to do the sidequests I’d missed … they were all at the original level.

Went to check the Chest in Moxxies., still at level 16.

It seems nothing has levelled up once i completed the play-through

I am sure on the other toons missions and the chest leveled up once you’d completed the PT, I have the raid boss mission available so I’ve definitely trigged the finish./.

Am I going mad or was it always like this?

I am pretty sure PT1 has never scaled in any of the games after completion.

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The quests scale to 50 after PT2. The quests do not scale on PT1. So I guess you are crazy? :slight_smile:

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100% bonkers then… 9 playthroughs will have that effect on you!

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Haha yep. This is why NVHM and TVHM pre-50 are bad. UVHM is the only mode with sensible loot scaling, in both this and BL2.

I remember TVHM being a horrible boring slog with my Krieg for this reason.

Yea to my knowledge it hasn’t ever scaled for my characters in pt1

Only scaling I’ve noticed in Normal and Pre-Lvl50 in tvhm is the darksiders in triton flats tend to scale to you and your story quest up to Lv28 and the end of holodome dlc scaled up in normal too but thats it