Finished Normal Mode. What now?

Hello everyone, so i just finished Normal mode, i’m level 36, and i have no idea on what should i go for next, mayhem or TVHM?, forgive me for i will have a few more follow up questions, i just have no idea what to go for next :slight_smile:

I would do TVHM. If I wanted to do Mayhem, I’d prefer being able to reset the missions which doesn’t seem to be an option for Normal. But if you’re happy just aimlessly farming bosses or redoing Slaughter over and over, Normal might be more efficient.

if you want to level cap, tvhm or mayhem.

but if you want to aim for tvhm and mayhem, do tvhm because tvhm mayhem requires completing the story in that mode.

also, you can always switch back to normal + tvhm to farm gear.

so a little of this. a little of that.

You could always turn on Mayhem and work on any side quests you haven’t completed. Some have good rewards.

It depends- do you like side quests?

Enough to where you already did them? If so, then I guess it’s TVHM, because that’s where you can get more sidequests!

Not enough to have done them already? Then you should probably go to TVHM, so you’re not doing them twice per character.

I jest. In all seriousness the next thing I did was get to max level as quickly as possible, it didn’t take long, and start farming for some sweet items to carry me through TVHM and other lategame content, then go do some sidequests with notable rewards so as to get a level 50 version of those items. To each their own though, there’s plenty to do, it’s all about what sounds fun to you.

The correct answer is do mayhem mode first. Then everything in TVHM will be level 50 and you can decide what weapons you want. You can’t do mayhem on TVHM without beating it first, so the fastest way is with the mayhem xp increases. TVHM increases xp, mayhem just does it more.

this is not accurate. I have not yet beaten the game on TVHM. I beat the game on normal and it unlocked TVHM and all MH modes. I am currently at end game MH III TVHM, without beating TVHM first.

It might be accurate for some people. There have been a smattering of posts about it happening, in any case. I didn’t bother to check when I recently reached Sanctuary in TVHM. Mainly because I’m not currently interested in it. I briefly tried Mayhem on Normal and it was more annoying than regular TVHM has been so far.

Mayhem was available to me in my first run through TVHM as soon as I got to Sanctuary and was able to set it (of course.) You don’t have to finish the campaign in TVHM to unlock it.

(That said, I’m not really interested in Mayhem mode right now and don’t play on it; I’ve never been a fan of random (or otherwise) ‘mutator’ mechanics going back to the Underdome in BL1.)