Finished Normal with Amara and Grind a Bit. What's Next?

Even though I know that there are many problems and bugs currently, I’m still having a blast playing Amara for approx 60 hours (finishing all quests and grind legendaries a bit).

I want to continue to TVHM but I want to try another char too. I can’t decide which one to go. Also, I’m not sure whether to pick Moze or Zane if I want to pick a new char. Character wise, I’m more interested in Moze. Yet, seeing how bad the complaints about Zane, it makes me more curious to find it myself.

What do you guys think? Should I continue with Amara in TVHM, play Moze, or pick Zane?

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People on here will complain about anything, remove all the things to complain about and they’d complain there wasn’t anything left to moan about. Just go with whichever you feel like, it isn’t like you can’t play the other one after that, or if you decide you don’t like a character, etc. I started with FL4K, then did Amara, and i’m now playing Zane. Moze last because she interests me the least.