Finished the game, what's next?

I just killed Jack and I’m level 33, I’ve seen videos of players being level 72 or so.

Am I stuck on this level unless I buy DLC maps? or what do I do to reach a higher level?

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Even in the base game you should have TVHM or True Vault Hunter mode available - the level cap for that is 50. If you’re playing on the Handsome Collection (THC for short) you should have the 4 main dlc, UVHM + Digistruct Peak and Headhunter dlc. Just save your game and reload it- when you killed the Warrior you should have gotten a pop up message about a new mode being unlocked…


I’m pretty sure I only have the base game, so what do I do to reach lvl 50? where do I go?


If you missed the notification that Carlton referred to : from the main menu, select character, click on whichever character. It will ask you which mode you wish to play. Select TVHM. The story will restart. By the time you’re finished TVHM you’ll be at level 50. Restart in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and you’ll cap at either 61 or 72 depending on your DLC state.


Just to make it clear: he needs to use the character he finished normal with to continue to TVHM- if he uses a new character he’d just start in normal…


Ohhh, thank you guys, I just began that mode.

1.- Is TVHM the thing as the normal mode but with higher difficulty? anything new?

2.- Is UVH available on the base game?

3.- Where can I see a list of all the available DLC maps?


Yes to the first. Not really to the second.

  1. Increased Enemy Health: Foes will have far more health than they would in Normal mode, even if the enemy is of the same level as the character. Proportionally the enemies’ health will be greater.
  2. More Badasses: Badass variants of common enemies are more frequent in True Vault Hunter Mode, which in turn makes combat more challenging.
  3. New Enemies: Due to the rise in difficulty in True Vault Hunter Mode some of the Normal mode enemies have been renamed and have become tougher variants of their prior selves. An example of this is the psycho, which in True Vault Hunter Mode can appear as an Armored Maniac.
  4. Better Loot: Due to the nature of difficulty increase and the fact that the game becomes more difficult, in True Vault Hunter Mode there is a higher chance of enemies dropping better loot. Chests will also contain better loot.
  5. More XP from missions: In True Vault Hunter Mode the player will gain substantially more XP from missions than they would in normal mode.
  6. Post-Game Level Scale: Once the story is complete, all enemies will scale with the host’s level, up to level 50.

If you have no DLC content then no - everything will cap at 50.


There’s a list of the DLCs etc. here:

Just click on the “What’s Next” link in that post.


While these are already answered I thought I’d put in short answers anyway.

  1. Nothing new but tougher enemies. Also since you keep your skill points you can make a skillbuild that was not possible in NVHM.

  2. Nope. The maximum level increases come from DLC’s namely the UVHM upgrade packs. Now, it’s been ages since I’ve got them but I’m fairly sure at least one of them is completely free and the other wasn’t very expensive either.

  3. There are 4 major DLC’s in the game:

  • Captain Scarlet’s pirate booty
  • Torgue’s campaign of carnage
  • Mr. Hammerlock’s big game hunt
  • Tiny Tina’s assault on dragon keep
    These contain multiple areas with main and sidequests as well as some new gear.

There are also 5 kinda minor DLC maps called headhunters

  • T.K. Baha’s halloween stuff
  • Torgue’s thanksgiving
  • Marcus’ mercenary day (christmas)
  • Moxxi’s valentine
  • Wam Bam island (I honestly don’t know what this one is, all the other’s for special days. BL1 annual maybe?)
    These one’s contain a single area, a couple of quests in that area and rewards you with seasonal heads and skins mostly. Kinda fun stuff for story but not really worth going through over and over on new playthroughs.

Exceptions? Sure:

  • Marcus’ Mercenary day is largely held as one of the best ways to keep your character wearing up to date gear. It gives you a farmable “chest” that contains a crapton of stuff and is a good source for getting some quality purples and occasional legendaries and pearls.
  • Wam Bam island (I can’t remember the DLC’s actual name) has something of an additional raid boss. While it doesn’t drop anything not attainable in the base game it does give you multiple chances for good loot upon defeat and it gives you a pretty tough challenge that you can go bang your head against whenever you feel like it.

…maybe not so short answer after all.


if you are on PC, you can probably get the DLC on a steam sale for pretty cheap at some point, maybe put it on your wish list…

but for right now, don’t worry about it and just enjoy TVHM


It would appear that the whole of the Borderlands series is actually on sale on Steam right now, aside from the skin DLCs. Borderlands 1, 2, TPS, the Handsome Collection, all of the 3 games’ DLC, all of it. So Chemical’s advice is a good idea, should you play on PC and want it all.