Finished your BH challenges, now expand my inventory and bank space

Seriously. I’m literally freeing up one inventory slot at a time and running between bank, lost loot, and vendor to try and keep things organized. The way Mayhem 3 works you kind of need to run around with multiple types/elements of weapons unless you want to reload until you roll good ones. I can’t imagine that was the point of Mayhem mode either.

WHICH REMINDS ME - We should be able to save loadouts.

With the challenges all complete, I’ve lost interest in the game because the inventory management is so painful. If I wanted to organize random crap I’d clean my basement.

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According to hotfix notes this will be solved with the Maliwan Blacksite(?) later this month. Hang in there.

Yeah I know. It just feels like that should be a really simple thing to change and it could be done much faster than waiting for a major content add.

OR - Make a vendor trash bag with much larger space so we can at least get something for all the gear that’s left laying about. Because I’ll probably need the money considering how much the bank expansions will likely cost.

With my current builds for Amara and Moze I ignore M3 modifiers because they don’t make a difference. When my Fl4k and Zane are leveled I plan to do the same.

My Zane ran through entire playthrough on MM3 with the same guns. Only time it mattered was the off chance the negatives aligned in a perfect storm on modifiers, but overall once you get the right setup you don’t need more then a few weapons.


I once had a few modifiers that were supposed to make my Hellwalker weaker. So I kept using other things. I was getting annoyed. So I brought it back out. I was doing great with it.

It’s almost like, barring a double penalty (negative on your weapon type and your element), you might still be really good with a weapon you know deeply